The April issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk is now avaialble


The new issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk is now available.  You can find it at:

Spaceports & Spidersilk specializes in science fiction and fantasy for children of all ages. Entertain your inner child, or your real child by picking up a copy today.

The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Colonized Space in paperback


The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Colonized Space is now available in paperback.  This supplement lets you explore the sectors of space that are “controlled” by each of the six species.

The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Colonized Space is a combination of the first six volumes of the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica.  It looks at each sector of space that is controlled by one of the six species.  An invaluable supplement for anyone playing the Ephemeris Science Fiction Role Playing Game, especially those that have been looking for campaign settings for their games.

A useful tool for both players and game masters, this supplement will help elevate your Ephemeris game to the next level.

Before ordering, please keep in mind that this supplement contains the same information that was released individually in the EEG for sectors 3, 8, 9, 10, 13, & 21.

The Ephemeris Omnibus 2013 in hardback


Over 600 pages of hardbound rules for the Ephemeris RPG, and we’re talking full size 8 1/2 X 11…a must have for any Ephemeris game master or player.

The Ephemeris Omnibus 2013 features the Ephemeris core rulebook (with some rule changes, including mutli-classing), and all of the rule supplements that have been released as of the end of 2012.  All of the species and class supplements have been blended into the core rulebook to create a massive (over 200,000 words) rulebook that will allow you to play the most extensive Ephemeris game you’d ever want to play.


New print versions of Ephemeris titles


We’ve released print versions of two more Ephemeris titles.  You can get The Ephemeris Omnibus 2013 at and you can get The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica; Colonized Space at


The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Sectors 1, 2, & 4


A new supplement in the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica is now available.  We’re starting to look at “Near Space.”  These are systems that are close to the main systems of the six species, but actually aren’t under their control.  In many places, you’ll find worlds that have been colonized by one of the six species, or you might find worlds that had been colonized by an ancient species, or you might find something even stranger.

This supplement looks at three of the sectors of Near Space.

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