The Battle for Turtle Island for free


March 15th: Today only, you can get the e-book version of The Battle for Turtle Island for free:

Imagine it’s the 19th century, and the colonization/conquest of the Americas is underway yet again, only this time magic is real, and the Indians have a lot more of it than the colonists. This is the world of The Battle for Turtle Island: Buffalo Wars.
The colonists may have the better weapons, but the Indians nearly double the magic of the colonists. Maybe this time the history of the Americas will be very, very different. The Battle for Turtle Island: Buffalo Wars is actually two books in one. It has the core rules for The Battle for Turtle Island RPG, which will be a series of books featuring the different parts of the Americas, and it also has the Buffalo Wars supplement which looks at the battles for the plains.
You can choose to be a Cavalry Soldier, an Arapahoe Medicine Man, a Colonist Trapper, an Apache Warrior, or any number of other classes, and your character can choose to change classes as they advance. This book contains, the character classes, the special abilities for each Indian tribe, the goods, the spells, and much more.
The only other thing you’ll need to play is some dice and a vivid imagination.

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Ephemeris for free


March 14th: Today only, get the e-book version of Ephemeris: A Science Fiction Role Playing Game for free:

The year is 2185. The human race has gone to the stars, and found that they’re not alone. Local space is teeming with civilizations, some hostile, some friendly, and some indifferent. This is the universe of Ephemeris.
Ephemeris is a game of galactic trade and galactic conquest; of inter-species conflict and cooperation. Ephemeris is a science fiction role playing game. Here you will be able to take on the role of your favorite alien species and your favorite class. You will be able to trade, fight, negotiate, conquer, whatever you’d like to do with your fellow players. You can play the role of an Althani Trader, or maybe an Arbonix Cyber Wizard, or maybe even a Human Nanist. You can create a party made up entirely of one species and set out to upset the trade routes of a rival species. Or maybe you want to create a party with a variety of races that preys upon the trading routes of the various civilizations. Or maybe you want to explore the ancient ruins on long dead planets, ruins that clearly show that there were other species roaming the spaceways in the past…but where are they now? You can fight in great wars, negotiate grand peace treaties, and explore sections of the galaxy that no sentient has ever explored. Or maybe your party has joined with one of the interplanetary corporations; corporations whose motives are never entirely clear. These are just some of the possibilities open to you. The universe of Ephemeris is yours to do with as you please. What you now hold in your hands are the basic guidelines for the games. Here you’ll find the races, classes, abilities, skills, weapons, and ships that allow you to create your own Ephemeris universe.
Now, step inside for the greatest science fiction adventure you’ve ever been on…

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The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Colonized Space


We’ve combined the first six volumes of the EEG into one tome, and it’s now available:

The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Colonized Space is a combination of the first six volumes of the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica.  It looks at each sector of space that is controlled by one of the six species.  An invaluable supplement for anyone playing the Ephemeris Science Fiction Role Playing Game, especially those that have been looking for campaign settings for their games.

A useful tool for both players and game masters, this supplement will help elevate your Ephemeris game to the next level.

Before ordering, please keep in mind that this supplement contains the same information that was released individually in the EEG for sectors 3, 8, 9, 10, 13, & 21.

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We are also working on releasing this as a paperback.  More details as they are available.


Just Because for free


March 13th: Today only you can get the e-book version of Just Because by James Baker for free:

James Bruce Baker was best known as the editor and publisher of ProMart Publishing, but he was more than that. Jim was also a poet, a novelist, a short story writer, and an opinionated essayist. Just Because is a collection of his stories, poems, and essays put together as a tribute to a man who did so much for the small press, and so much for many small press writers, poets, and artists.

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The Opium of the People for free


March 12th: Today only get e-book version of The Opium of the People by J Alan Erwine for free:

This book was originally released by ProMart Publishing, but has been revised and updated with new content and new cover art.
The American government has been overthrown! After a near-miss of a giant comet, the American people fall under the control of a radical right-wing fundamentalist Christian government, ruled by the Grand Patriarchs, that slowly strips away their freedoms and establishes a rule of law that even the dictatorships of the 20th Century couldn’t have dreamed up.
Forced into virtual seclusion, Edward Silverberg, a former English Lit professor, finds himself on a path that will lead to either his destruction, or the destruction of the Grand Patriarchs…or maybe both.

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Marionettes on the Moon for free


March 11th: Today only, you can get the e-book version of Marionettes on the Moon and other stories by J Alan Erwine for free:

Do Humans control their destiny, or are they merely victims of the circumstances that surround them?
A new collection of short stories from prize winning SF author J Alan Erwine examines whether we have freedom of choice, or are merely puppets on strings subject to the whims of the universe. Marionettes on the Moon features 13 short stories, including the never before published title novelette.

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The Poet for free


March 10th: Today only, get the e-book version of The Poet by James Baker for free:

Max checked out of reality years ago. When he comes back, he finds himself to be a bum dressed like a priest. He also finds himself to be the only potent man in an otherwise impotent America.
Max eventually reaches the west coast where he finds himself the host of an hour long TV show watched by billions. His adoring fans begin to call him The Poet, and they see him as the savior of the world.
Joined by his triplet lovers, Max sets out to change the world; a world that is more than a little resistant to his efforts. Smothered by his adoring fans and dogged by men intent on killing him, Max’s multiple personalities fight their own battle in his mind, and no one is ever sure who will win.
Warning: Contains sexual material that some readers may find offensive.

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The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Sector Ten (Human Space)


The Human sector of space has now been charted in the latest installment of The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica:

The Humans are the newest species on the celestial block.  Some view them as a breath of fresh air, while others view them as being the biggest threat the galaxy has ever seen.  Now you can learn about the planets they’ve colonized, the systems that they couldn’t colonize, and the systems that they hope will lead them to galactic colonization (conquest).

The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica will be a multi-volume collection looking at each sector of space.  The Encyclopedia continues with Sector Ten (Human Space).

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Seedlings on the Solar Winds for free


Sunday, March 9th: Today only, get an e-book copy of The Seedlings on the Solar Winds for free.

America as a fascist state, soldiers driven to terrorism, insane computers, insane humans, insane aliens, these are just some of the things waiting for readers in the pages of this new short story collection from prize winning science fiction author J Alan Erwine.

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Free e-books


Starting on Sunday March 9th we will be offering a different e-book for free each day at Smashwords.  We’ll do this for several days so that everyone can get a taste of what we offer.  We will do our best to post the link between 8 and 9 am MDT, and you’ll be able to pick up the book for the rest of the day.

All we ask in return is that if you like the book, we’d ask that you post a review at Smashwords…no pressure though.  We, of course, can’t hold you to this.  Mostly, we just want you to enjoy what we offer as a bit of a tease for what we will have coming out in the future.