The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Colonized Space on Kindle


You can now get The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Colonized Space for your Kindle.  Go to:

The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Colonized Space is a combination of the first six volumes of the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica. It looks at each sector of space that is controlled by one of the six species. An invaluable supplement for anyone playing the Ephemeris Science Fiction Role Playing Game, especially those that have been looking for campaign settings for their games.

A useful tool for both players and game masters, this supplement will help elevate your Ephemeris game to the next level.

Before ordering, please keep in mind that this supplement contains the same information that was released individually in the EEG for sectors 3, 8, 9, 10, 13, & 21.


Marionettes on the Moon on Kindle


Marionettes on the Moon, and other stories by J Alan Erwine is now available on Kindle…

Do Humans control their destiny, or are they merely victims of the circumstances that surround them?

A collection of short stories from prize winning SF author J Alan Erwine examines whether we have freedom of choice, or are merely puppets on strings subject to the whims of the universe. Marionettes on the Moon features 13 short stories, including the never before published title novelette.

Just Because on Kindle


Just Because by James Baker is now available on Kindle…

James Bruce Baker was best known as the editor and publisher of ProMart Publishing, but he was more than that. Jim was also a poet, a novelist, a short story writer, and an opinionated essayist.
Just Because is a collection of his stories, poems, and essays put together as a tribute to a man who did so much for the small press, and so much for many small press writers, poets, and artists.

The Ephemeris Omnibus 2013 on Kindle


Now that many of our titles are available on Kindle, we’re going to post some links over the next few weeks…since people have been begging for Kindle titles.

The Ephemeris Omnibus 2013 is now available on Kindle:

The Ephemeris Omnibus 2013 features the Ephemeris core rulebook (with some rule changes, including mutli-classing), and all of the rule supplements that have been released as of the end of 2012. All of the species and class supplements have been blended into the core rulebook to create a massive (over 200,000 words) rulebook that will allow you to play the most extensive Ephemeris game you’d ever want to play.


The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Sectors 5 & 6


The exploration of “Near Space” in the Ephemeris RPG universe continues…

There’s more to the Ephemeris universe than just “Colonized Space.” Now you can get a chance to explore those sectors where the six species are only just starting to colonize, or even where none of them have been before.

The EEG: Sectors 5 & 6 continues the exploration of “Near Space.”

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Our titles are now on Kindle


For years we’ve been doing e-books, but until recently, only a few of our titles were available through Amazon for the Kindle.  We’ve corrected this, and now all of our e-books are available for Kindle.  Simply search Amazon for whichever title you’d like to purchase.

Unfortunately, due to Amazon’s odd royalty payment schedule, we’ve had to raise the price on a few of the Kindle titles, but we raised prices only when absolutely necessary.