Meet the Alexans


The Alexans are a new species that is available to players in the Ephemeris Role Playing Game.  They can be found in the Ephemeris Species Compendium of Deep Space Species at

And here’s a little bit about them…

The Alexans evolved on a low gravity planet, but in a strange evolutionary twist, they are still small creatures. The average Alexan is only four feet tall, when it would be more commonly expected that they would be quite tall due to the low gravity of their homeworld. The Alexans are bipedal, having two spindly legs and four spindly arms. In addition, they also have small flightless wings. Some ancient ancestor of theirs could obviously fly, but the Alexans are not able to fly anymore. Their skin color ranges over a variety of shades of blue, and it seems the darker the skin, the higher their social ranking.

The Alexans do follow a caste society, which is made up of eight castes, and only those of the three highest castes are able to be Cyber Wizards, Nanists, Scientists, and Traders. The lighter blue Alexans of the lower five castes fill up the rest of the character classes, although darker skinned Alexans can choose to be one of the “lesser” character classes if they want to be.

The Alexans evolved on a planet orbiting a G type star in Sector 45. It’s a planet that is unknown to the people of Earth.

Alexans can be a bit stand-offish, but they are genuinely nice creatures that just want to be left alone to explore the galaxy, but like all the species of “Deep Space,” they’ve been forced to learn how to fight by the constant attacks of the Ernya and the Khruntha.

When an Alexan character is created, they receive a +2 bonus to their Agility, but they suffer a -2 penalty to their Endurance due to their fragile build. It’s also important to note that since they have four arms, they receive bonuses on certain skill checks, as outlined in the core rulebook.

When creating the character, if a game master wants the character to roll to determine their caste, three six-sided dice should be rolled, and the following table should be consulted:

3-6 Caste One (lowest caste)

7-9 Caste Two

10-11 Caste Three

12-13 Caste Four

14-15 Caste Five

16 Caste Six

17 Caste Seven

18 Caste Eight

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