Meet the Julahmo


The Julahmo are a new species that is available to players in the Ephemeris Role Playing Game.  They can be found in the Ephemeris Species Compendium of Deep Space Species at

The Julahmo are on average five feet tall bipeds. They have short legs and very long arms, with each arm having two elbows. They have feathers, although what the evolutionary advantage of the feathers was has been lost. Their feathers range over a wide variety of colors, from dull browns to a mixture of pastels. There are two genders of Julahmo, but they can change genders if the need arises. This change takes one year to accomplish, and once changed, they can never go back to their original gender. The Julahmo young are maintained by a group of Julahmo that have been bred for taking care of young. They never learn who their real parents are.

The Julahmo evolved on a low gravity world in Sector Sixty. They are muscularly very frail, and they are often tormented by the other species, especially the Ernya. Many in “Deep Space” refer to the Julahmo as the “beaten race.” While frail, they are quick, and often quite charming. When a Julahmo character is created, they receive a +1 bonus on both their Charisma and Agility, and they receive a -2 penalty on their Strength.

The Julahmo have six eyes that are spaced equally around their head. These eyes are able to see into the infrared spectrum. With eyes spaced around their heads, the Julahmo receive a +3 bonus on their search and spot checks. They also have remarkably acute ears that are almost 20 cm long, coming to a point at their ends, which gives them a +2 bonus on their listen checks.

The Julahmo are a deeply religious species. They believe in a great creator that is waiting for them in the heavens. Before they had space travel, they believed that their great creator, Shektakth, lived above the clouds. Now that they have space travel, they believe that Shektakth is waiting for them on one of the planets they are destined to colonize. Unfortunately for them, their religion didn’t prepare them for the Ernya and the Khruntha, and now they are finding that survival may be even more important than their quest for their creator.


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