Meet the Khruntha


The Khruntha are a new species that is available to players in the Ephemeris Role Playing Game.  They can be found in the Ephemeris Species Compendium of Deep Space Species at

The Khruntha are a brutal and savage race. Throughout their history, they have waged war on each other, and now that they’re in space, they wage war on anyone they can find. They, along with the Lomisians were the first species to reach space in “Deep Space,” and they’ve waged war on one another ever since, although the Lomisians have consistently sued for peace, but they’ve constantly been denied.

Physically, the Khruntha are an intimidating species. They are eight foot tall bipeds with four eyes (all facing forward) on their oblong heads. Their other sensory organs are all recessed into their heads, obviously a genetic adaptation that came about as a result of their brutal ways. Their arms have three joints, which gives them a good bit of manual dexterity. Even though the Khruntha are bulging with muscles, they are also very good at fine and delicate work.

The Khruntha (the first sound in the name is pronounced a bit like a human clearing its throat) evolved on a world in Sector 46. It’s a harsh planet with dramatic seasonal changes, and fairly high gravity.

Due to their four eyes, the Khruntha receive a +1 skill bonus on their search and spot skills. When a Khruntha character is created, they receive a +1 bonus on both their Strength and their Endurance attributes. However, due to their foul nature, they receive a -2 penalty on their Charisma.

The Khruntha live in a society of brutal laws. The penalty for almost any crime is death, or at the very least, very painful torture, and the Khruntha accept this. They have very few freedoms on their worlds, and when they conquer a world, that world must accept Khruntha law. Inevitably, thousands, or even tens of thousands, die in the first weeks after they’ve conquered a planet, as most species will not accept Khruntha law very easily. Even the Ernya, who are pretty brutal in their own rite, do not like to give in to Khruntha law when their worlds are conquered.


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