Meet the Lomisians


The Lomisians are a new species that is available to players in the Ephemeris Role Playing Game.  They can be found in the Ephemeris Species Compendium of Deep Space Species at

The Lomisians (pronounced Low-me-zhens) average seven feet in height, but whereas the Khruntha are bulky, the Lomisians are slender, almost fragile. They evolved on a low gravity planet in Sector 44 of “Deep Space.” The Lomisians have two long arms that have four joints on them, and four long legs (which gives them a +4 bonus on their balance skill) that each have four joints. They have two eyes that face forward, and they have large ears that they’re able to turn in multiple directions (much like a cat). These ears give them a +2 skill bonus on the listen skill. The Lomisians also have fur that ranges from a pure white to a dark gray. Wealthier Lomisians will often dye parts of their fur as something of a status symbol.

Due to their frail stature, the Lomisians suffer a -2 penalty on their Endurance when a character is created. Given their thirst for knowledge about everything, they receive a +1 bonus on both their Intelligence and their Common Sense.

They were a basically peaceful people until the met the Khruntha. In fact, the Lomisians are often referred to as the Librarians of the Galaxy because they are more interested in knowledge than in conquest. Although there had been battles on their homeworld, the Lomisians did not tend to fight amongst themselves much, and now they only fight when they absolutely have to, and then almost exclusively with the Khruntha and the Ernya. The Julahmo tend to avoid the Lomisians because they don’t like the fact that they Lomisians do not have religion. The Alexans, however, have had very few differences with the Lomisians, and the two species will often work together.

The Lomisians expansion into the galaxy is more about knowledge than it is about territory. They don’t really care about how many planets they colonize and control. They just care about the knowledge that they might be able to gain from that planet and everything else in the planetary system.


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