Coming this Spring!


This Spring we will be releasing a new novel by Tyree Campbell, titled The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon A Yoelin Thibbony Rescue.

To quote the author: Yoelin had a dark childhood [sold by her parents to pay off gambling debts], and there was no one to rescue her. So she turned her life around by performing Rescues–sometimes for pay, sometimes for free–of people, or artifacts, or even a cheap pendant improperly gained in a divorce settlement. In B&SD, however, she also has to rescue herself, because her task takes her back to the world where she spent her childhood–and she still has psycho-emotional scars from those years. Her ship’s PC is balky and contrary on occasion. Ex: Yoelin: “You ever get drunk, Abby?” Abnoba [PC]: “No, but I once snuck a few volts from a nearby battery.”

And for those of you that are eagerly awaiting the release of Laura Givens’ Crisis Averted, we are waiting for a very special introduction, and then we will have a definite release date.


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