Order the March issue of The Fifth Di… early


It’s still a week until the release of the March 2016 issue of The Fifth Di…, but you can pre-order the print (yes, print) edition now, or…you can download the EPUB version today and read it a week early.  The print edition sells for $7.00 and the digital version will sell for $1.99, but if you order it before the release date, it’s only $1.49.  Go to http://nomadicdeliriumpress.com/blog/product/the-fifth-di-march-2016/ and order your copy today…

The Fifth Di… returns to print in 2016!
The first print issue in many years features the fiction of Robert N. Stephenson, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Robert P. Hansen and John Grey.
A man is driven to desperation in his effort to find his father. An immortal finds himself among mortals seeking his secret, a secret he can’t give them. Another man has been taking advantage of the misfortunes of others after an asteroid impacts Earth, and now he must face the consequences. And a mission to find life on another planet has failed again and again…now what will happen when they are forced to go to yet another planet?


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