The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon cover


Butterfly and Sea Dragon NDP

The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon: A Yoelin Thibbony Rescue has a cover, and we think it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

Pre-order details will be coming very soon, but for now, here’s what the book is about:

“The only records that delineate and authenticate Corporatia territories are on that Palmetto.  We want it back.”

“What happened?” Yoelin asked.

“A records clerk bypassed security, recorded the information and then deleted it from our computers, and departed for Havelox Rest, outside our jurisdiction, where we believe she is now.”

After the words “Havelox Rest,” Yoelin heard only the pounding of her heart.  A wave of dizziness passed.  Why there?  Why did it have to be there?

So who’s Yoelin Thibbony?  That’s what she calls herself now.  She endured a cruel and abusive childhood, when there was no one to rescue her.  Now she performs Rescues of people or things—sometimes for hire, sometimes for free.  She’s been hired to retrieve stolen archives.  But to perform this Rescue, Yoelin has to return to Havelox Rest, the world of her childhood—a world that still holds dark and bleak terrors for her.



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