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Nano-Bytes features five stories from Daniel C. Smith that first appeared in The Fifth Di… In these pages you’ll find a virus which has startling effects on a team of archaeologists, parents looking to splice their son’s genes, a man who realizes he is all he can ever be, the unexpected consequences of mating with an alien, and a trip through space that ends up in an unexpected destination.


The Tulku of Titan and The Terror of Titan


Two stories from Mike Morgan set on Titanville, an space station orbiting Titan.
THE TULKU OF TITAN: The Dalai Lama has passed away, but the monks who are to search for his new incarnation are not prepared for the fact that he has gone into space…nor are they prepared for what they find once they reach Titan.
THE TERROR OF TITAN: A murder has been committed, and a husband and wife are each quick to admit to having committed it, but have they? It’s up to Marshal Augusta Thrum to discover the truth.


Get the October 2016 issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk early


We’re still a week away from the release of the new issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk, but you can pick up your issue now from our store.  Not only can you download it today, but instead of paying the usual $1 for it, you can get it for 75 cents! Yeah, it’s only a quarter, but these days, everything helps.


The Fifth Di… subscription drive


Since we added the print format of the magazine, we’ve seen our submissions triple, which means that we’re having to turn down some good stories…stories that deserve to be printed, and not just printed, but printed in our magazine.  Also, in order to add the print format, we had to stop printing poetry.  We’re not happy about either of these.  We’d like to publish more stories, and we’d also like to start publishing poetry again, but to do this, we need money, so we’re starting a subscription drive.  Help us out by subscribing to the print or e-book version of the zine.

Here are our goals, and the rewards you the readers (and the writers) will receive:

20 subs: We will begin publishing poetry again in 2017

35 subs: We will begin publishing poetry again and we will add an extra story to each issue, starting in 2017

50 subs: All of the above, plus we will double our pay rates in 2017

100 subs: We will do all of the above, plus we will begin publishing every other month

To subscribe to the e-book version:

If you’re in the US and you want to subscribe to the print version:

If you’re outside of the US and you want to subscribe to the print version:

This subscription drive lasts until Halloween, so order soon!


Disharmony of the Spheres is now closed


The Disharmony of the Spheres anthology is now closed to submissions.  For those of you waiting for responses to your submissions, those should be coming in the next week or two.  We appreciate everyone who has submitted to this wonderful collection, and we will keep you informed as to when the book will be released.


The Martian Wave 2016 is here


The 2016 issue of The Martian Wave is now here as both an e-book and a print magazine.  Order your copy today by going to

The Martian Wave: 2016 brings you stories and poems that look at humanity’s exploration and colonization of space, with a special emphasis on our solar system.
You’ll find fiction from E. M. Eastick, Samuel Van Pelt, Lars H. Hoffmann, Francis W. Alexander, Robert N. Stephenson, Guy Stewart, GC Rosenquist, and Benjamin Cooper. You’ll also find poetry from David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Christina Sng, Shelly Bryant, Lisa Timpf, and M. C. Childs.
Some of what you read will leave you optimistic about our futures, while other stories and poems may leave you doubting our future, but no matter what, The Martian Wave: 2016 will leave you convinced that our future lies beyond the Earth.