The new issue of The Fifth Di… is here


The December 2016 issue of The Fifth Di… is now available.

The December 2016 issue of The Fifth Di… brings you fiction by Chris Dean, Samuel Van Pelt, Brian “flesheater” Stoneking, and Douglas Kolacki.
In this issue, you’ll find a doctor who manages to improve humanity by changing it, but is change always a good thing? A man whose sole purpose in life is to help people understand that they’re being replaced by robots. A killing machine that’s determined to spread destruction thoughout the galaxy. And a man who finds he might actually get a second chance…

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We’ve started shipping copies of The Martian Wave


With the money we’ve raised through our GoFundMe drive, we’ve managed to ship almost half of the copies of The Martian Wave that we need to send out.  However, we still haven’t shipped any copies of The Fifth Di…  Unfortunately, this means that we still have a loooooong way to go.

For those of you that have contributed, we thank you.  If you’d still like to contribute, we’d certainly appreciate it.


Major changes to our Patreon


We’ve made some major changes to our Patreon. Instead of just focusing on the Ephemeris RPG, we’re focusing on every aspect of Nomadic Delirium Press. Supporting us will give you a chance to pick up all of our future titles, possibly advertise in our magazines, and even influence what anthologies we choose for the future. That’s right, we plan on posting polls that will allow our Patrons to influence what titles we read for…and why not? If you’re supporting us, you should have some say in what you want to read.

So, please go to and make the wise choice to be our Patrons.


What are we reading for?


We are currently reading for several projects, please feel free to submit anything that fits the guidelines…

The Divided States of America:

Ecotastrophe II:

The Martian Wave:

The Fifth Di…:

Spaceports & Spidersilk:

And if you’ve published with us before, we’re accepting submissions for individual stories: