GoFundMe to get our books back


We absolutely hate doing this, but there doesn’t seem to be any choice.  As many of you know the copies of the September issue of The Fifth Di… and The Martian Wave: 2016 were recently destroyed when UPS left them in front of our door just before a rain storm.  Both UPS and the printer have decided that since we didn’t insure the package, there won’t be a refund.  Normally, there’s a little bit of money in the family account that we could divert to Nomadic Delirium Press in this kind of an emergency, but this has been a tough year for us personally, so there is no money available.  This has left us with having to go with a GoFundMe project…which we really hate doing, but we want to get the books to the contributors, so we don’t have a choice.

If you’re interested in helping, and we would REALLY appreciate it, please go to https://www.gofundme.com/help-get-our-books-back


Nomadic Delirium Press



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