How to help


Since our last post about our plans for 2017, we’ve had some people message us asking what they can do to help us meet our goals. It seems like there are people that are very interested in what our new zine might be.

There are two very easy answers to this question…buy our titles or become one of our patrons on Patreon. However, there are a couple of less obvious answers that might actually be more helpful, and they won’t cost you anything.

First, if you’ve read and liked something we’ve published, please feel free to review it. Reviews can do more for a title than anything else.

Second, please feel free to share links to titles you’ve liked. The more people that know about our stuff, the easier it will be to raise the money to make our goals a reality.

By the way, these two simple steps will work for any publisher or author that you like…


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