Spaceports & Spidersilk is here


The April issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk is now available at as well as most other e-book retailers. Entertain your child or your inner child with some great stories and poetry, and it’s only $1.

Order now, and be sure to tell all of your friends!



It’s In the Water


Our fourth Divided States of America story is now available. We present you with “It’s In the Water” by J Alan Erwine.

Richard hated being a corporate drone, but what else was there to be in Corprotopia? After losing his girlfriend to the government, Richard struggled with just surviving, but when he learns a deep secret, a secret of resistance, he suddenly finds a reason for his life…or does he?

Available as both an EPUB and a mobi file at


Get the April 2017 issue of Spaceports early


The April 2017 issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk won’t officially be released until April 1st, but you can download it from our store today! And not only is it available early, but it’s also available for just 75 cents! No fooling!

Like all of our titles, you can download it in EPUB or MOBI format, so get your copy today at


Green in 2110


Our third “Divided States of America” story is now available. We give you…”Green in 2110″ by Debby Feo.

Fred Selkerson often heard his grandmother talk about how life had been different in the old United States, but he never understood, because all he knew was what life is like in the Green States of America. Now that he was approaching 18, maybe it was time for him to find out for himself…


The Wall is Beautiful


Our second “Divided States of America” stories is now available. We give you “The Wall is Beautiful” by Mike Morgan.

Rick Moreno always felt out of place in the Republic of Texas. Being one of the few non-Anglos left in Texas left him facing racism and hatred, but he had to stay for his sick madre. He had to stay at a border patrol job that he hated, with a partner who hated him, but neither he, nor his Anglo partner Mitch are prepared for what they find, and what it might mean to each of them as individuals, and to the Republic of Texas.


The Dustbin


We’re pleased to announce the release of our first “Divided States of America” stories…The Dustbin by Tyree Campbell.

Pierce had had enough. He’d finished his five year mission, and he was done…done with what was left of society, done with people, done with everything. He was ready to give up on all that was left of the United States until he meets Jenny Lee.
Suddenly, Pierce realizes there may still be things left to fight for.