What we’re reading for


We often get queries asking what we’re currently reading for. The simplest answer is to visit our guidelines page at http://www.nomadicdeliriumpress.com/guidelinespage.htm

However, to get more detailed…

Novels-This one should be pretty easy to figure out

The Martian Wave-Short stories and poetry about the exploration of space, with a special emphasis on our solar system.

The Fifth Di…-Fantasy and science fiction short stories

Spaceports & Spidersilk-Science fiction, fantasy, and eww gross! short stories and poetry for younger readers

Individual e-stories-We publish stories or short collections of stories we’ve previously published

The Divided States of America-Shared world stories about a balkanized United States

Nomadic Novellas-Science fiction and fantasy novellas

Future Syndicate II-Science fiction short crime stories

Mar Station Beta-Shared world stories about the second base established on Mars

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