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The Union Man…and other stories


The Union Man…and other stories by Eamonn Murphy is now available!

The Union Man and other stories brings you three stories from Eamonn Murphy.
An interrogator (torturer) for MI5 is accused of a murder, a murder he couldn’t have committed, but where his investigation takes him will not only change his life, but it will forever change the world.
Happy is a drug that has been legalized in England, but no one can expect the consequences of what that legalization will mean, except for one man, and no one want to listen to him, because everyone wants to be Happy.
Finally, a brief story that is a twist on the princess and the frog tale.

Mars Station Beta


Mars Station Beta

The year is 2052. It has been two years since the unexplained destruction of Mars Station Alpha, and now the human race has decided to go back to Mars, but on an even more massive scale.

Mars Station Beta is made up of ten different modules that are all interconnected with each other and around a central lab/recreation area. There are a total of 50 colonists on the station with another 50 on their way from Earth. The base is a multi-national project, funded by the largest nations on Earth, with representatives from all of those nations, as well as a few of the best and brightest from the “lesser” nations. While nationalism is still an issue, it’s not as big of an issue following the short duration World War III that swept the Earth in 2022.

Mars Station Beta has been established in Elysium Plantia. Mars Station Alpha had been established in Argyre Planitia, but so far, no one has visited the station to try to determine what happened to the 20 colonists. All that is known is that their final transmission was, “I can’t believe there are…” Before that transmission, there were no signs of problems with the base.

Mars Station Beta is commanded by Roger Anderson, a hard-nosed military man from the United States. While he is a fair leader, he has little patience with the scientists on the base because they don’t have the same type of discipline as the military members.

The second in command is Vasili Andropova, a former member of the Russian military, who has now devoted herself to the pursuit of genetic research. She tolerates Commander Anderson, but she has little patience for his sense of discipline.

Writer’s Guidelines

If you’d like to contribute to Mars Station Beta, we’re looking for individual stories of at least 2,500 words.

How we will publish: This will not be an anthology (at first).  We will be publishing each story as an individual e-story, and these stories will be distributed to all of the usual sales markets.

Pay: This will depend entirely on how the story sells.  We will be doing a 50/50 split with each author of the profits from the story, with royalties being paid on our normal quarterly schedule.  If this project takes off, we will be doing a print anthology, or possibly many print anthologies, and then there will be further payment at that point for reprint rights.

Rights: We are looking for first rights on any story.

Price of stories: The pricing of stories will depend on their length. Stories from 2,500 words to 5,000 words will be priced at 99 cents.  Stories that are 5,001 words to 10,000 words will be priced at $1.49, and stories that are over 10,000 words will be priced at $1.99.  Obviously the longer the story, the higher the royalty, but we prefer quality over length.

Overall theme: We are not looking for an overall theme to the stories.  We want quality stories.  Stories should be about characters other than the two commanders. It’s fine to include them as background characters, but we’d like to see stories about the other characters. If you’d like to share character or story ideas with other writers, we can set up a private Facebook group for this project that will allow everyone to throw ideas out and play off of each other’s ideas.

All stories should be sent to editor (at) nomadicdeliriumpress (dot) com with the subject line reading “Mars Station Beta Submission.”

Future Syndicate II


What we’re looking for: We want stories about criminal activity in the future.  We’re not looking for detective stories…we want stories that are about the criminals themselves, and their activities.  This is a science fiction anthology, so science has to play some role in the story.  Hard SF would be great, but we will look at adventure SF as well.  As important as science is to the story, we really want to see well drawn characters who are believable and act in realistic ways.  We all know that crime is a bad thing, but these people do it for a reason…what is that reason?  Having said that, we don’t want to see fiction that portrays the criminals as completely evil with no redeeming qualities.

Story length: Stories must be 2,000-7,000 words in length.

Rights: We would prefer to buy first rights, but we will accept reprints as long as the previous publishing history is included.  You also must own the rights to the story.

Payment: Now for the important stuff.  We will pay ½ cent per word for first rights, plus two contributor copies, paid on publication.  We will pay a $5 flat fee plus two contributor copies on publication for reprints.  Please make sure you note the difference in pay.

What we don’t want: As already stated, no detective stories, no unbelievable characters.  We also don’t want to see fan fiction, or fiction based in other people’s universes.  If you’ve written a lot of stories in your own universe, then we certainly don’t mind that.

Response times: We will respond to all submissions within two months, but we will respond with a form rejection…we just like to let everyone know that up front.

Reading Period: We will be reading submissions until the anthology is full.

Submission Formats: All submissions must be sent as attachments, no exceptions.  Stories should be formatted in Word or rtf.

Submission address: To submit a piece, or if you have any further questions, please send them to editor (at) nomadicdeliriumpress (dot) com.  Sorry, we aren’t using hyperlinks because we’re really sick of the damn spammers.  All submissions should have the subject: Future Syndicate Submission.



Nomadic Novellas


The guidelines are pretty straight-forward, we’re looking for stories of novella length. We’re mostly interested in science fiction, but we will consider fantasy. Other than that, the theme is basically up to you. All novellas will be released in both print and e-book format.

Length: The SFWA defines a novella as being a story between 17,500 words and 40,000 words, and that definition works for us. If your story falls between those lengths, then you can submit it here. If not, please look at our other guidelines.

Payment: We will pay $50 in advance plus 5 contributors’ copies. In addition, the author shall receive 25% of all profits made from the book…paid quarterly.

Where to send your gems: All submission should be sent to editor (at) nomadicdeliriumpress (dot) com. We think you can figure out the real address. Your subject line should read “Novella Submission.”

Other important info: All submissions should be sent as .doc, .docx, or .rtf files. We will respond within two months. All submissions must be original works. We will not publish works based in other people’s universes…of course, a universe of your own creation is just fine. We will not consider reprints.

Any questions should be directed to the submission address above.


The year to come


We’re hoping that 2018 is going to be a big year. In a week, we’ll be releasing a small short story collection from Eamonn Murphy, entitled The Union Man, and other stories. Also, before winter is over, we’ll be releasing a sequel to Tyree Campbell’s Butterfly and the Sea Dragon. In addition to these great titles, we’ll be releasing three more issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk (the first issue came out on Jan. 1st), four issues of The Fifth Di…, and our annual issue of The Martian Wave.

We’ll also be releasing more stories in The Divided States of America series, and we have four new projects that we’re reading for: Future Syndicate II, Mars Station Beta, Nomadic Novellas, and A Poet Explores the Stars. For information on these titles, please visit We hope to be releasing these titles later in the year.

We’re also working on supplements for The Ephemeris Science Fiction Role Playing Game and The Battle for Turtle Island RPG. Plus, as always, we’ll have lots of other surprises.

Finally, we’d like to ask for your support on our Patreon page at That support would allow us to do so much more!