PDF Book of the Week for June 18th


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Nomadic Delirium and Alban Lake, both publishers of science fiction and fantasy, and all points in between, have collaborated to bring you the very best of what they published in 2015. The selections within come from The Martian Wave and The Fifth Di…, and from Outposts of Beyond and FrostFire Worlds. Their settings might be an inner planet or a world-that-might-be. Their themes are universal, involving choices we all have to make at one point or another in our lives. This is science fiction and fantasy literature at its finest.
This is the first anthology of its kind; it won’t be the last.

Introduction by Tyree Cambpell
Introduction by J Alan Erwine
The Adventures of Colo Collins and Tama Toledo in Space and Time by Tyree Campbell
Artifact by Rik Hunik
Dragon Egg Soup by S. Evan Townsend
Exile by Choice by Kate Runnels
Fire and Snow by Priya Sridhar
From An Unnamed Rock by Jerry L. Robinette
Hands of Time by Fredrick Obermeyer
Hard Earth by Tony Cella
The Job by Justin Bohardt
The Librarian by Lawrence Buentello
Magic, Music, and Greed by Anne E. Johnson
Mars Ride Along by EJ Shumak
Neoteric Urban Archaeology by James Van Pelt
The Next Step in the Dance by Maureen Bowden
Piper’s Haunt by Maureen Bowden
Retirement by Beth Powers
The Tulku of Titan by Mike Morgan


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