For those of you submitting to The Fifth Di…


Over the last few months, we’ve been sending out a very large number of rejections on stories that have been submitted to The Fifth Di…, even to authors who, in the past, were almost guaranteed placement because of their talent. We thought we should explain that the main reason for this is because since we’ve added the print version of the zine, the quantity, and the quality of submissions has gone up dramatically, requiring us to be even pickier about what we select. Stories that would have easily made it into the zine when it was just an e-zine, now find it difficult to get into the zine. We suppose that this is a good thing because it means the quality of the zine is improving, but we hate having to reject stories. We’ve even expanded the zine to six stories per issue in an effort to publish all of these great stories, but still some have to be passed on, and we deeply regret this.

Please don’t be discouraged by rejections from us (or other zines.) Keep submitting and we’ll keep publishing the best that we can find.


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