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The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Sectors 47 & 48


The exploration of “Deep Space” continues.
Sectors Forty-Seven & Forty-Eight are lightly inhabited sectors, but with the Ernya around, there’s still bound to be conflict, and if you want mysteries, there’s always the remains of star ships that don’t belong to any of the “Deep Space” species, plus enough mysteries to keep your players happy for years.


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It’s time to get Manic!


If you haven’t ordered your copy of Manic Musings of a Maniacal Mind, then what are you waiting for?

For more than two decades, editors have been publishing the works of J Alan Erwine, exposing you, the reader, to the dark recesses of the author’s mind. Now, all of those stories have been combined together into one massive tome.
Get a glimpse into Erwine’s grim view of the future, and explore the universe from his slightly off-kilter point of view.
Visit the planets, the stars, the scary places in the human mind, but make sure you’re wearing a seatbelt, because you never know where Erwine might take you next… (It’s currently 25% off here!)

Christmas in July


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Delirious Doubles again


There was a mistake in our original posting of the Delirious Doubles guidelines. We had the lengths for the various types of stories set wrong. This is what the guidelines should be…

In our ongoing effort to publish whatever the hell we feel like, we give you Delirious Doubles. Some of you may be old enough to remember the Ace Doubles, well, this is something like that. We will be pairing two stories together from two different authors and publishing them together. We were originally debating whether we wanted to do novellas or novelettes, but we finally decided, why not do both! And while we’re at it, why not do short stories as well. Some might not like this idea because people have argued in the past that we don’t follow traditional publishing models…OH WELL!

Here are the guidelines. We are looking for science fiction and fantasy stories, no particular themes, no particular styles, just stories that we like. We will then pair those stories up with another story and create a Delirious Double.

SHORT STORIES: These are defined as stories under 7,500 words. Payment will be $10 on publication for first rights. Short story doubles will only be released as e-books.

NOVELETTES: These are defined as stories between 7,500 words and 17,500 words. Payment will be $20 on publication for first rights. Novelette doubles will be released as both e-book and print books.

NOVELLAS: These are defined as stories between 17,500 words and 40,000 words. Payment will be $30 plus 10% of the profits for first rights. (Each author gets 10%). Novella doubles will be released as both e-book and print books.


We are looking for first rights, so no reprints. We also do not want to see stories set in other people’s universes. Other than that, we want you to entertain us. It’s always a good idea to read some of the publications that we’ve released in the past to get some sense of what we’re looking for.

Stories should be submitted as Word or RTF attachments to ndpdeliriousdoubles (at) yahoo (dot) com.


PDF Book of the Week for July 16th


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What constitutes being human?
Why are gods so bad at poker?
How would you square dance in zero-gee?
What is the alcohol tolerance of a superhero?
When is a good time to visit the universe next door?
Why does Buffalo Bill want a T-Rex?
Is Buggs Bunny transgendered or just a drag queen?
None of these questions are answered herein, but asking them is half the fun.


The Divided States of America Bundle #4


This bundle brings you the fourth set of four stories from The Divided States of America for just $3.
You get “Trial of Payne” by Ian Brazee-Cannon, “Behind the Scars” by Ian Brazee-Cannon, “Frozen Ambitions” by J Alan Erwine, and “Path to a New Life” by Ian Brazee-Cannon.

Divided States Bundle 4

Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Sector 46 (Khruntha Space)


The exploration of “Deep Space” continues.
Welcome to Sector Forty-Six, the home sector of the Khruntha. Here you’ll find their homeworld, and many of the worlds they’ve colonized. You’ll also find mysteries just waiting to be solved.
The Khruntha are one of the most brutal and controlling species in the Ephemeris universe, but even they can’t control their own kind, and you will find all kinds of rebellions in this sector as well.

EEG Sector 46 NDP