Cyber Monday sale


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As a result of this sale, the PDF Book of the Week will be on hold for one week…



PDF Book of the Week for November 19th


For one week only, get the latest issue of The Fifth Di… for half price from DriveThruFiction at

For just $1 you get:

The September issue of The Fifth Di… takes you to a myriad of worlds that you could never imagine. Go to a world where humans are struggling against the native plant life, and see just how far the children of the colonists will go to protect that plant life. Visit an interplanetary vessel like you’ve never seen before…even the inhabitants of the ship are surprised by what they find. In another world, a man dies…again, and again, and again. On Earth, a woman is visited by a being from another dimension, and he has something that might be amazing to offer to her. Also on Earth, a man struggles with not inheriting his father’s future. Just how far will he go (in time) to try to get what he feels is his? And finally, visit another reality where the heroes you are familiar with have very different lives…

We’ve fallen behind


As many of you may know, Nomadic Delirium Press is basically a one-person operation, and unfortunately, that one person’s family has suffered numerous financial disasters over the last couple of years, with the last few months being especially bad. As a result of this, we’ve fallen behind in payments to our contributors and in sending out contributors’ copies, but we are working to get caught up.

I’ve recently moved to full time at my “real” job, and I’ve taken a promotion to try to get caught up on all of our personal and business shortcomings. There are no plans to close the doors on Nomadic Delirium Press, but things will still be delayed for the next few months, but we will get caught up, and we will continue to bring you the best speculative fiction that we can.


PDF Book of the Week for Nov. 12th


For one week only, get Marionettes on the Moon for 50% off from DriveThruFiction at

Do humans control their destiny, or are they merely victims of the circumstances that surround them?

A new collection of short stories from prize winning SF author J Alan Erwine examines whether we have freedom of choice, or are we merely puppets on strings subject to the whims of the universe.  Marionettes on the Moon features 13 short stories, including the never before published title novelette.

Environmental Holocaust has arrived!!!


The debut issue of Environmental Holocaust brings you four stories about possible bleak futures that could be possible if we don’t start to protect the planet better. Killer viruses, dying soil, even more persecution, and dying oceans are just some of the things waiting to scare you in this issue. Grab a copy, and think about making a difference.