And if you like novels and longer collections…


…then you need to check out The NDP Fiction Bundle at DriveThruFiction. You get “Just Because” by James Baker, “Marionettes on the Moon” by J Alan Erwine, “Seedlings on the Solar Winds” by J Alan Erwine, “The Poet” by James Baker, “Crisis Averted” by Laura Givens, “Quantum Women” by Tyree Campbell, “Taurin Tales” an anthology edited by J Alan Erwine, and “The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon” by Tyree Campbell.

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Do you like short stories?


If you like short stories, then boy do we have the bundle for you. How about some small short story collections? And do you like to read multiple authors? Then how about fiction from Daniel Smith, Mike Morgan, and Eamonn Murphy?

Pick up the NDP Short Fiction Bundle and you get “3 of a Perfekt Pear,” “Nano-Bytes,” “The Tulku of Titan and The Terror of Titan,” and “The Union Man…and other stories” for just $5!!!

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