What people are saying about The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon


The futuristic technology is explained well and the author focused on items that were important to the story, which in turn, kept me focused on the plot.

The telepathic conversations that took place between the creepie and Yoelin were simple enough to keep my interest. In fact, all dialogue was done very realistic throughout. You could hear each character speaking differently. Menorah Dhu and Yoelin Thibbony sounded nothing alike. They had different personalities and different voices.

I enjoyed the flow of the story as well, not too fast or slow. The creepies (or sea dragons) were very interesting. I’d like to see what happens with them next, as their fate was not conclusive in the end. Since the title of the book is The Butterfly and The Sea Dragon, A Yoeling Thibbony Rescue, my guess is that this will become a series.

This was a fun and easy read. It’s one of those stories that opens your mind to new worlds while it leaves you with that warm feeling in your heart. And that’s what I loved the most about this story. It has a lot of heart and we can all relate to the characters. Even though it takes place in the future, the essence of the human species is still very much present.

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