What people are saying about Delirious Doubles Presents The Impossible Child & The Games Go On


Delirious Doubles from Nomadic Delirium Press combine two short stories into one book, rather as the Ace Doubles did with novels back in the day.

First up is ‘The Impossible Child’ by Tyree Campbell. Charlie is a female living in a cave and eking out an existence in a post-Apocalyptic Earth with her daughter Seelie, dodging dangerous ‘marauds’. Seelie is the result of Charlie’s rape by marauds years earlier, a half-breed. For Charlie is not from Earth. She was sent here to observe the fallen civilisation and will return home one day soon.
Campbell’s description of the setting and the details of survival are spot on and there’s a nice twist in the tale.

Mike Morgan also presents us with a woman in a difficult world. ‘The Games Go On’ is about Jayneth, born fully grown and implanted with memories of how to fight so she’s almost ready for the arena in Houston, Texas. Modern technology has enabled man to grow adults in a bag, saving all the tedious child-rearing. As she slowly learns more about her world, Jayneth’s rebellious spirit is aroused and she’s determined to avoid her allotted fate.

Morgan’s style is clear and easy to read. The idea that making abortion illegal could result in a different fate for the unwanted children is potentially controversial, but haven’t there always been unwanted children? The opening scenario leads you to expect something like ‘The Running Man’ by Stephen King but this short story takes a different turn.

I liked both of these. Good science fiction with ideas to make you think and characters to care about. Worth a look.

Available this weekend only for just $1.49 at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/891121

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