Meet the Jabbering Mutant


One of the worst fates that can befall any creature in the Rocks on the Other Side universe is to mutate into a Jabbering Mutant. Let us introduce you to this creature…


INT: 4

CS: 12

CHA: 2

STR: 20

AGIL: 18

END: 28

AB: +3 (+2 str, +1 mutation)

DB: +18 (+1 Agil, +2 mutation, +10 level, +5 amorphous)

Health: 5d8+30

Type of Att: mutant strike

Damage: 3d10+6

Skills: varies

Special Abilities: amorphous, contamination, confusion

Experience: 900

Description: When a person, animal, or plant suffers the most severe mutation that doesn’t actually kill them, they become a Jabbering mutant. These creatures don’t actually have a shape, because their shape constantly changes as the poor creatures continually mutate, thus they can have multiple limbs at one time, multiple faces, multiple of anything that the creature originally had.

When a Jabbering mutant attacks, and they always will because they are not very smart and very angry at the form they now take, they will strike with whatever limbs they currently have. At the start of the encounter the game master rolls 1d6 and this determines how many attacks the creature gets each round. Every fifth round of combat, a 1d6 is rolled again, as the creature will have mutated.

The Jabbering mutant is constantly making annoying noises that can cause confusion. Every round, each character must make a common sense check against a score of 12. They roll 1d20 and modify this with their common sense modifier. If the roll is not 12 or higher, they are confused and cannot take any action for 1d6 rounds.

Finally, every hit from a Jabbering mutant runs the risk of a severe radiation exposure and characters must roll on the appropriate table to determine if they have become contaminated.

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