Meet the Intellifungus


It’s time to learn about a new creature that you might encounter in the Rocks on the Other Side game…the Intellifungus. They can be dangerous, they can be helpful…you can never be quite sure…


INT: 14

CS: 11

CHA: 9

STR: 17

AGIL: 12

END: 24

AB: +9 (+7 hand to hand combat skill,+1 Str, +1 mutation)

DB: +11 (+1 mutation, +2 fungal quality, +8 level bonus)

Health: 4d8+16

Type of Att: 2 spore punches

Damage: 1d6+1 and spores

Skills: Appraise 3, Balance 2, Bluff 4, Climb 5, Concentration 2, Diplomacy 3, Direction Sense 9, Gather Information 2, Herbalism 5, Hide 10, Interrogation 2, Intimidate 8, Jump 2, Listen 4, Move Silently 11, Negotiation 2, Search 6, Sense Motive 3, Spot 4, Stealth 9, Tracking 7

Special Abilities: Spores

Experience: 700

Description: Some fungal colonies gained sentience from their exposure to the radiations of the war. Each individual colony that gained sentience now forms one creature, and these creatures can differ greatly in size and shape just as normal colonies of fungus can. The biggest difference is that these colonies will generally try to imitate the bipedal mannerisms of humans or the quadrupedal mannerisms of animals. Intellifungus are very smart and can even rival many humans on intelligence, and just like humans, intellifungus can differ greatly in the way they lead their lives. Some can be openly hostile to humans, while others can be friendly with humans, and still others might just want to be left alone. Intellifungus can be found living alone, or like-minded fungi might choose to live together.

If an intellifungus engages in combat, they will strike with two pods that resemble arms. Each hit will do 2-7 points of damage, but there is also a chance that they can infect the victim with spores. Each time a character is hit, they must make an endurance check against a score of 14. If they fail the roll, they have become infected. One week after the infection, they must make another endurance check against a score of 16. If this roll is failed, the character permanently loses two points of endurance. After two weeks, the character must make another endurance check (with their new endurance score) against a score of 18. If they fail this check, they devolve into a fungus, with a 1in 6 chance of becoming an intellifungus. If the character succeeds on the second or third roll, their immune system has beaten back the fungus and they are normal again, although if they failed the second roll, they have still lost their endurance points. Anyone with 20 points in medicine can treat and heal a character infected with spores but this treatment must happen before the two weeks are up.

Although an intellifungus can engage in hand to hand combat, their preferred method of fighting is to release a 20’ sphere of spores. Anyone within this sphere must make an endurance check against a score of 12 or they become infected with spores. As with the physical attacks, infected characters must make a second check after one week against a score of 14, and a third check after two weeks against a score of 16. Failing the second check will cause a loss of two endurance points, and failing the third check will cause the character to devolve just as the physical attacks will.

As intellifungus are evolved from regular fungus, they seem to have adapted to the radiation that caused their mutation, and as a result, there is no danger of contamination from coming in contact with an intellifungus.

At this time, intellifungus do not form civilizations, nor do they use tools, but evolution can always change that.

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