Meet the Twisted Tree


Last week we introduced you to the Walking Tree from the Rocks on the Other Side RPG. This week, we introduce you to its evil cousin, a tree that will do everything it can to kill everyone…


INT: 20

CS: 16

CHA: 10

STR: 28

AGIL: 12

END: 26

AB: +37 (+26 hand to hand combat skill, +6 Str, +1 mutation, +4 bark)

DB: +34 (-1 Agil, +1 mutation, +10 bark, +24 level

Health: 10d8+50

Type of Att: Limbs X2, Hurled fruit X2

Damage: 3d10+6/1d6 + contamination

Skills: Animal Handling 10, Appraise 5, Bluff 9, Concentration 18, Direction Sense 16, Etiquette 4, Gather Information 12, Herbalism 10, Hide 8, Interrogation 6, Intimidate 12, Listen 14, Negotiation 8, Search 3, Sense Motive 10, Spot 5, Tracking 11

Special Abilities: Hold, stun

Experience: 1750

Description: The twisted tree is a horrible mutation of a normal tree. Unlike the walking tree, the twisted tree is angry about its mutation, and they want to mutate the rest of the world. A twisted tree is normally about the size of a fruit tree, but its trunk and branches are twisted and full of knots and are often oozing sap. Twisted trees love to fight, and they will look to attack anything that they think they can destroy or mutate. In combat, the twisted tree attacks with two limbs trying to strike opponents. At the same time, it hurls radioactive fruit at other opponents. Although the fruit doesn’t do much damage, getting hit by it or by the branches will require a character to make a check against a severe radiation exposure.

Twisted trees are often not encountered alone. They don’t associate with other trees, but they are able to exert a mild mind control over other contaminated creatures. When encountered, there is a 50% chance that they will be encountered with other contaminated creatures. These creatures could be mutated animals, mutated ants, giant centipedes, giant spiders, giant flying spiders, strangle vines, mutated wasps, or even skeletons or zombies. These creatures will fight to the death to protect the twisted tree.

Twisted trees are highly susceptible to fire based attacks, and suffer triple damage from any attacks using fire.

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