Earth Day Sale


Now through Earth Day, pick up the e-book version of Ecotastrophe II for just $2.

More than a decade ago, Sam’s Dot Publishing released a small anthology titled Ecotastrophe that looked at the dangers posed by global climate change.
Now, the planet seems in even greater peril, and maybe we are facing Ecotastrophe, but is there time to save ourselves.
Ecotastrophe II features startling fiction from Tyree Campbell, Dan Rice, Melanie Rees, Robert J. Mendenhall, Gustavo Bondoni, and Mike Adamson.

Ecotastrophe II NDP


NDP Short Collection Bundle


Four short collections from three different NDP authors for just $5. Sample a little from each and discover just how amazing our authors and their stories really are!

This bundle brings you “The Tulku of Titan and the Terror of Titan” by Mike Morgan, “Nano-Bytes” by Daniel C. Smith, “3 of a Perfekt Pear” by Daniel C. Smith, and “The Union Man and other stories” by Eamonn Murphy.


The Spirit of Mars excerpt


“Put down that wrench!”

Wyatt Finch repressed a sigh and turned slowly. In the low gravity of Mars, he had learned, it was best to do everything slowly. He recognized the voice of Amy Wingfoot, the psychologist charged with supervising the mental health of the other forty-nine inhabitants of Mars Station Beta.

Finch pulled at the front of his navy-blue overalls with a clenched fist, an involuntary gesture. Then he noticed Wingfoot looking at the fist and relaxed it. She would pick up signs of tension and aggression.

Bully for her, thought Wyatt.  I’ve got both right now.

“How can I help, Ms Wingfoot?” She wore the green tunic and trousers that represented medical personnel on the station.  It was tight in all the right places but he tried not to think about that. She was out of his league.

“What were you doing?” she asked. Her brown eyes watchful and her full lips sternly compressed.

“I was adjusting the wheel of this airlock. Someone reported a fault.” All airlocks in the station usually opened and closed electronically but there was an old-fashioned metal wheel for manual override in emergencies.

“It looked like you were opening it.”

“No. I’m neither a saboteur nor a lunatic and I prefer air to vacuum. I turned the wheel anti-clockwise slightly to get better access to one bolt. That spoke was in my way.” He pointed to one of the metal bars connecting the wheel hub to the outer circle.

“You seemed distracted.” She was still alert but her tone had softened.

“Distracted,” he confirmed, “but not crazy.” He scratched at his blond hair. “I can’t believe you’re hassling me about this, doc. We’re all jumpy with the news from Earth but” – he spread his arms in a gesture of helplessness – “can’t a man look distracted when his son is arriving on the next shuttle?”

She managed a smile. “Yes, I heard about Ricky. A boy genius, isn’t he?”

“Sixteen now,” replied Wyatt. “Old enough to work here.” Mars Station Beta was mostly adults but there were a few children. Families were not excluded, despite the potential danger of their situation. Wyatt wasn’t sure about that given the unknown fate of Mars Station Alpha, but Ricky was old enough to make up his own mind.

Amy Wingfoot looked at her watch, then at the airlock. “Do you have time to finish that before the shuttle arrives?”

“Just about.”

“Get to it.”

“Will you report this?”

She shook her head. “No. As the only psychologist here, I’m under pressure too, waiting for someone to crack. I make mistakes. It’s like sitting on a time bomb.”

“I know how that feels.”

She raised an eyebrow. “You do?”

“I worked in bomb disposal during the Age of Terrorism that preceded World War III.”

“I’ll mark you down as least likely to give under pressure then.” She smiled. “Good luck with your son.”

The Spirit of Mars


This is our first Mars Station Beta story…

Things are tense on Mars Station Beta. No one knows what happened to Station Alpha, and things on Earth are threatening to boil over and envelop Mars. In the midst of all of this, Wyatt Finch is about to welcome his 16 year old son to Mars, a boy genius who also has a penchant for troublemaking…

One week til Mars Station Beta


On Thursday, April 12th, we will release the first Mars Station Beta story. Keep your eyes out for “The Spirit of Mars” by Eamonn Murphy…a 99 cent e-book that will be available from all of the usual sources.


Spaceports & Spidersilk April 2018


Spaceports & Spidersilk features some of the best science fiction and fantasy fiction and poetry for kids of all ages. The April 2018 issue will take you to places you might never have imagined. It will appeal to your inner child, and hopefully take you back to the places you loved as a child…and if you’re still a child, it will open your imagination to all kinds of new worlds.

This issue features fiction by: Jessica Marie Baumgartner, Melanie Smith, Tyler Omichinski, Eamonn Murphy, and Maureen Bowden. It also features poetry by: John Grey, Christina Sng, Rebecca Herzog, Pamela Love, and Tamara K. Walker.

Trial of Payne


The Divided States of America continues with Ian Brazee-Cannon’s “Trial of Payne.”

Debra Lennon has found that she does not like Corprotopia. While waiting to renew her gun permit, she contemplates returning to The Rocky Mountain States, but an invitation to renew that permit at the home of a wealthy corporate matriarch leads to a series of trials that will not only test her shooting abilities, but will ultimately test her character.