Ecotastrophe II will be the deal of the day


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More than a decade ago, Sam’s Dot Publishing released a small anthology titled Ecotastrophe that looked at the dangers posed by global climate change.

Now, the planet seems in even greater peril, and maybe we are facing Ecotastrophe, but is there time to save ourselves?

Ecotastrophe II features startling fiction from Tyree Campbell, Dan Rice, Melanie Rees, Robert J. Mendenhall, Gustavo Bondoni, and Mike Adamson.

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It’s time to play


Looking for a new role playing game? How about Rocks on the Other Side? If you like post-apocalyptic RPGs, we’re pretty sure you’ll like this one, and you can download all everything that has been created for the game for just $12.00. You get the core rules, Rocco’s Weapon Shop, and Civilization Memorial Hospital. Rocco introduces you to all kinds of new weapons your characters can use, and Civilization Memorial Hospital gives you a low level adventure to start your characters off on. You get all of that for just $12.

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Civilization Memorial Hospital


At the edge of a small town, lies a small hospital that is now ironically known as Civilization Memorial Hospital. Before the war, it had a different name, but that name no longer matters. A Rocks on the Other Side RPG adventure designed for 4-6 characters of 1st-4th level that will take the characters into the remnants of a hospital. One section is run by medical personnel that are trying to bring back civilization, while another section has been taken over by bandits, and of course, the third section of the hospital has been overrun by undead. A definite challenge for any novice party.

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