What people are saying about Ecotastrophe II


Lots of good stories here about many different futures concerning the destructive effects of climate change. I particularly liked Gustavo Bondoni’s story, The Wrong Kind of Ship, that involves a rescue from water logged Earth by friendly aliens who offer some of their home planet as an escape and a new beginning to Earthmen willing to take a chance on another world other than Earth.
As writer of funny science fiction – Chocolate Chocolate Moons and Sherlock Mars, these tales were at the other end of my universe and I can’t say that all the stories ended as upbeat as Gustavo Bondoni’s but they were all thoughtful and worth reading. Review by Jackie Kingon

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Book of the Weekend for Oct. 8th-10th


More than a decade ago, Sam’s Dot Publishing released a small anthology titled Ecotastrophe that looked at the dangers posed by global climate change.
Now, the planet seems in even greater peril, and maybe we are facing Ecotastrophe, but is there time to save ourselves.
Ecotastrophe II features startling fiction from Tyree Campbell, Dan Rice, Melanie Rees, Robert J. Mendenhall, Gustavo Bondoni, and Mike Adamson.

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What people are saying about Nano-Bytes


‘Nano-Bytes’ is a collection of short-shorts by Daniel C. Smith which I bought because I rather liked ‘3 Of A Perfekt Pear’, his collection of long short stories.

First up is ‘Macro-Virus’, an amusing tale about a grad student on an exploratory hike in Chaco Canyon, an important native American historical site with two professors of archaeology. They are hoping to make some new discovery about the vanished Anasazi people. The opening crisis is that their jeep is broken down in the middle of nowhere and their phones won’t work. The disrespectful first-person narrator made this fun and the idea behind the story was clever.

All parents want to give their children every advantage in life. Currently, that might mean getting them a good education. In the future, as set out in ‘Real Good Looking Boy’, it’s expensive genetic enhancements. Ted Norris and his wife want only the best for little Davey and make huge sacrifices. When you get to the end of this story, you can see where the idea came from. An SF take on a perennial parental problem.
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Book of the Weekend for Oct. 1st-3rd


This weekend, we’re going to give you a chance to download some short stories in the form of Nano-Bytes by Daniel C. Smith. You can download it from Smashwords for just $1.49 at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/668862

Nano-Bytes features five stories from Daniel C. Smith that first appeared in The Fifth Di… In these pages you’ll find a virus which has startling effects on a team of archaeologists, parents looking to splice their son’s genes, a man who realizes he is all he can ever be, the unexpected consequences of mating with an alien, and a trip through space that ends up in an unexpected destination.

What people are saying about The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon


The futuristic technology is explained well and the author focused on items that were important to the story, which in turn, kept me focused on the plot.

The telepathic conversations that took place between the creepie and Yoelin were simple enough to keep my interest. In fact, all dialogue was done very realistic throughout. You could hear each character speaking differently. Menorah Dhu and Yoelin Thibbony sounded nothing alike. They had different personalities and different voices.

I enjoyed the flow of the story as well, not too fast or slow. The creepies (or sea dragons) were very interesting. I’d like to see what happens with them next, as their fate was not conclusive in the end. Since the title of the book is The Butterfly and The Sea Dragon, A Yoeling Thibbony Rescue, my guess is that this will become a series.

This was a fun and easy read. It’s one of those stories that opens your mind to new worlds while it leaves you with that warm feeling in your heart. And that’s what I loved the most about this story. It has a lot of heart and we can all relate to the characters. Even though it takes place in the future, the essence of the human species is still very much present.

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Book of the Weekend for Sep. 24th-26th


This week, let’s visit The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon by Tyree Campbell.

“The only records that delineate and authenticate Corporatia territories are on that Palmetto. We want it back.”
“What happened?” Yoelin asked.
“A records clerk bypassed security, recorded the information and then deleted it from our computers, and departed for Havelox Rest, outside our jurisdiction, where we believe she is now.”
After the words “Havelox Rest,” Yoelin heard only the pounding of her heart. A wave of dizziness passed. Why there? Why did it have to be there?
So who’s Yoelin Thibbony? That’s what she calls herself now. She endured a cruel and abusive childhood, when there was no one to rescue her. Now she performs Rescues of people or things—sometimes for hire, sometimes for free. She’s been hired to retrieve stolen archives. But to perform this Rescue, Yoelin has to return to Havelox Rest, the world of her childhood—a world that still holds dark and bleak terrors for her.

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What people are saying about Crisis Averted


This is a collection of fun stories. Well, mostly, and I enjoyed the combination of science fiction and western and weird and magic. There are aliens and devils and gods and even Coyote. And a collection of Chin Song Ping stories. Even the introduction is fun!

The stories are sometimes dark, and sometimes hilarious, but always fresh and interesting. A great way to spend some time in another world or two.

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Deal of the Weekend for Sep. 17th-19th


This week’s Deal of the Weekend is Crisis Averted by Laura Givens, and you can download it for just $2.99 at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/610000

What constitutes being human?
Why are gods so bad at poker?
How would you square dance in zero-gee?
What is the alcohol tolerance of a superhero?
When is a good time to visit the universe next door?
Why does Buffalo Bill want a T-Rex?
Is Buggs Bunny transgendered or just a drag queen?
None of these questions are answered herein, but asking them is half the fun.