October will be busy around here


We’re going to have a very busy October here at Nomadic Delirium Press. We have two magazines, Spaceports & Spidersilk and The Martian Wave coming out in October. Also, as long as we get the last few contracts back, we will be releasing the long-awaited Disharmony of the Spheres, our anthology focusing on characters with mental illnesses (with half of the profits being donated to The Yellow Ribbon Society.)

In addition, we will have more Divided States of America stories coming…and we may have another surprise or two on the way…you’ll have to stick around to see!





A new story in The Divided States of America…

Reed makes deliveries between the Great Lakes Conglomerate and the Wastelands on a regular basis, but this delivery is more dangerous, and much more important than any previous delivery. Reed is willing to risk his life to make a difference in a divided world, but is the risk worth it? He certainly thinks so…


Delivery NDP

The September issue of The Fifth Di… is here!


The September 2017 issue of The Fifth Di… brings you the story of a man caught in an experiment gone wrong…waking up to a different reality every day, and not sure if he will ever be able to get home. You can also read the story of a human that meets the Scorpii god, but there’s something familiar about this god. Also, a woman who knows the way of magic is attacked on a train by a power that only she can see…or is there someone else. And finally, an old man has isolated himself and is ready to die, but the past won’t let him be alone anymore.
This issue features the fiction of Fredrick Obermeyer, Eamonn Murphy, Keith P. Graham, and Mike Murphy.

Order from us at http://nomadicdeliriumpress.com/blog/product/the-fifth-di-september-2017/

Order from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0757YX4XM


The Divided States of America Bundle #2



Divided States Bundle 2

The Divided States of America Bundle #2

This bundle brings you the second set of four stories from The Divided States of America for just $3.
You get “What Lies in the Wastelands” by Ian Brazee-Cannon, “Calivada Dreaming” by Debby Feo, “Can’t Go Home Again” by Ian Brazee-Cannon, and “Where Do You Go From Here” by Ian Brazee-Cannon.