Don’t forget The Battle for Turtle Island


Imagine it’s the 19th century, and the colonization/conquest of the Americas is underway yet again, only this time magic is real, and the Indians have a lot more of it than the colonists.  This is the world of The Battle for Turtle Island: Buffalo Wars.

The colonists may have the better weapons, but the Indians nearly double the magic of the colonists.  Maybe this time the history of the Americas will be very, very different.

The Battle for Turtle Island: Buffalo Wars is actually two books in one.  It has the core rules for The Battle for Turtle Island RPG, which will be a series of books featuring the different parts of the Americas, and it also has the Buffalo Wars supplement which looks at the battles for the plains.

You can choose to be a Cavalry Soldier, an Arapahoe Medicine Man, a Colonist Trapper, an Apache Warrior, or any number of other classes, and your character can choose to change classes as they advance.

This book contains, the character classes, the special abilities for each Indian tribe, the goods, the spells, and much more.  The only other thing you’ll need to play is some dice and a vivid imagination.

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Have you played Ephemeris yet?


Have you played the Ephemeris RPG yet? Maybe you should pick up the core rulebook and start playing, and if you have, don’t forget that there are dozens of supplements out there for the game. Start playing today by downloading the books at:



Let’s head back to The Divided States of America


What might the future of The United States look like? NDP editor J Alan Erwine came up with an idea of what it might look like, and he and several other authors have contributed stories (and continue to contribute stories) that might give us a look at that future…

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Fight or Flight


A new story set in The Divided States of America:

Robert grew up in The Wastelands, where kids are forced to grow up fast, or they die. Now as a member of The Rose Clan, Robert finds himself on his first mission outside of The Wastelands…a raid into The Rocky Mountain States of America, but nothing has gone as planned, and now he finds himself on the verge of death…but he’s been there many times before, and maybe death isn’t as bad as going back to The Wastelands.

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Do you like short stories?


If you like short stories, then boy do we have the bundle for you. How about some small short story collections? And do you like to read multiple authors? Then how about fiction from Daniel Smith, Mike Morgan, and Eamonn Murphy?

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