Taurin Tales Kickstarter is almost over


The Kickstarter for the Taurin Tales anthology has less than a week to go, and we’re still a long way from reaching our goal.  We’re asking that if you can please help, we’d really appreciate it.  We think this is going to be a great anthology, and we’d love to get it out to you as soon as we can.

Please support the Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1521750492/taurin-tales

The Taurin Tales Kickstarter still needs your support


We have less than a month to go in the Taurin Tales Kickstarter, and we still need your help.  There are some great rewards available, including your name being adapted into the Taurin Tales 2 collection…or even a chance to create a plot for the next collection…plus you can get copies of the book as well…even one signed by all of the authors and the editor.

This collection has some great names in it: David Lee Summers, Maggie Bonham, Rick Novy, Tyree Campbell, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Laura Givens, D. Moonfire, and Anna Paradox.

So, please help us get this book out on time by going to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1521750492/taurin-tales and pledging today.


Taurin Tales Kickstarter


ImageWe’re going to be publishing a new shared world anthology, and we’re hoping to publish it in September.  The book will be called Taurin Tales, and here are some of the details…

Taurin Tales is a shared world anthology featuring some of the top names in small press science fiction.

Taurin Tales is a shared world anthology about an alien species called the Taurins.  The concept was designed by science fiction writer, editor, and game designer J Alan Erwine.  From there he invited several writers to contribute, and together they formed Taurin Tales.

The authors in the collection will be David Lee Summers, Maggie Bonham, Rick Novy, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Laura Givens, Dylan Moonfire, and Anna Paradox.

Most of the stories have already been delivered, and we’re shooting for a September 1st, 2014 release date.

Please help us out by supporting our kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1521750492/taurin-tales