Spaceports & Spidersilk July 2017


The July issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk is now available…

Spaceports & Spidersilk features some of the best science fiction and fantasy fiction and poetry for kids of all ages. The July 2017 issue will take you to places you might never have imagined. It will appeal to your inner child, and hopefully take you back to the places you loved as a child…and if you’re still a child, it will open your imagination to all kinds of new worlds.



Publishing update


We’re very happy to announce that our anthology “Ecotastrophe II” is now full and will no longer be accepting submissions. We will be getting a publication date for you as soon as we can.

Also, “The Martian Wave: 2017” is now full.  Any future submissions will be considered for the 2018 issue.

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3 of a Perfekt Pear


3 of a Perfekt Pear NDP3 of a Perfekt Pear by Daniel C. Smith

3 of a Perfekt Pear brings you three stories from the mind of Daniel Smith. Take two trips into space and a trip into the mind. These stories will have you questioning what reality is, and also what our future holds for us. In the end, you’ll be asking yourself, should we embrace the future, or run from it. No matter what, you’ll know that the future will be 3 of a Perfekt Pear…