What people are saying about The Divided States of America


The Dustbin by Tyree Campbell: Tyree Campbell is one of my favorite authors. Enjoyed this story for Nomadic Delirium’s “Divided States of America” series.

The Wall is Beautiful by Mike Morgan: Another good story from Mike Morgan.

What Lies in the Wastelands by Ian Brazee-Cannon: It’s incredible how the author is able to succinctly develop well-rounded characters and quite vividly describe the world they live in.

Can’t Go Home Again by Ian Brazee-Cannon: This is an excellent continuation of a minor character in his previous story. Looking forward to more in the series!

Fight or Flight by J Alan Erwine: I always enjoy reading anything by J Alan Erwine. Wish this one was longer. (Special note: A sequel is coming.)

Tested by Lorelei Suzanne: A very touching story about a Mother’s love for her daughter. Marvelous.

BKX: Tuskegee: This was a great quick read for anyone who is interested in science fiction of sorts. It can truly be expanded upon and made in to a full novel.

Check out the entire series at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HLWYBT9