Final Book of the Weekend


We’ve come to the final book of the weekend, and this weekend, we’re offering J Alan Erwine’s One More Good Trade for just $2.24.

Download it today at

Your name is Anthony Jones. You’re a Human free Trader. Your ship is called The Longest Night, and you have two crewmates, Tora-no, a four-armed Althani Soldier and Creeoona, a Tulmath Cyber Wizard. Three adventures lie open to you, which one will you pick, and what will happen along the way? You get to decide what happens in this story, as you pick your way through various plot twists.

Condensing Ephemeris


To make it easier for players to purchase the items they want for the Ephemeris RPG, we will slowly be reducing the number of titles that we sell for the game. We will be eliminating the individual sector supplements for the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica, leaving just the main EEG and then the ones for the specific parts of space.

We will also be eliminating the individual character class and species supplements, and at DriveThruRPG, we will be eliminating many of the bundles, as they are quite redundant.

The hope behind this is that people won’t buy items that they may have already purchased in other volumes, and to cut down on confusion because of the sheer number of titles available for the game. This will cut out a lot of the less expensive supplements, but even the full supplements aren’t really that expensive compared to a lot of games out there.

This process will take a while, and we actually won’t be starting on it for at least another week or two, so if you want to pick up any of the individual titles before they disappear, you definitely still have time.

New Year, New Game sale


DriveThruRPG is having a sale on core rulebooks, and you can save LOTS of money on the Ephemeris RPG, The Ephemeris Omnibus, and The Battle for Turtle Island. They are going for very low prices. How low? $1.99, $7.78, and 99 cents respectively.

So, if you’re looking for a new game, now’s the time to start playing. Go to, and start playing today.

Book of the Weekend for Jan. 7th-10th


Now that the Smashword’s End of the Year sale is over, we’re going to get back to our last couple of weekend specials.

This weekend’s book is The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica. You can download the entire volume for 25% off, which translates into $14.99 at

Are you ready to embark on your largest Ephemeris adventure ever?
Now, in one massive tome, all 61 sectors of the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica. Explore Colonized Space, Near Space, Unexplored Space, and Deep Space all from one book.
The settings and the adventures are as expansive as the galaxy itself.

Book of the Weekend for Dec. 10th-12th


After a week off because of illness, we’re back, and this weekend, we’re offering you Federation and Empire by Eamonn Murphy for just $2.99

Federation and Empire is a series of short stories that chart the future history of mankind following the gift of the FTL drive from an alien species. The cast is varied: a freelance space pilot and his maverick crew, telepathic twins and their sentient cat, a wise president, a genetically enhanced policewoman, and a criminal of the same breed. They’re all involved in the diaspora of humanity to the stars. Here are tales of colonisation and crime, of slavery and revolution. Good old-fashioned science fiction!

Download today at

Book of the Weekend for Nov. 26th-28th


Let this weekend be criminal…with Future Syndicate II for just $2.24.

Many would like to think that as our species evolves, crime will disappear, but most know this is not true. Crime has always been with us, and it always will. Future Syndicate II features stories told from the point of view of the criminals, sometimes bad people, sometimes people forced to make bad decisions, but always, in the eyes of society, criminals.

Download from Smashwords at:

Book of the Weekend for Nov. 19th-21st


This weekend, let’s read some poetry with our collection A Poet Explores the Stars

Poets view the world differently than others, and as we explore this amazing cosmos, it will be very important to take poets on the journey, so they can show us the things we might otherwise overlook.
Here’s just a small taste of what they might have to show us as we venture to the stars.

Download from Smashwords today for just $1.49 at

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