One More Good Trade


We hadn’t realized that “Choose Your Own Adventure” was trademarked, and we never meant to infringe on that trademark, so we have dropped the subtitle from “One More Good Trade.” Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow us to change titles, so we had to delete the old one, and upload everything all over again. So, if you would like to order “One More Good Trade,” simply go to:

The print version should be available very soon as well.

Book of the Weekend for Sep. 10th-12th


As work continues on our new RPG, let’s go back to RPGs for this weekend. Let’s go back to The Battle For Turtle Island: Buffalo Wars…

Imagine it’s the 19th century, and the colonization/conquest of the Americas is underway yet again, only this time magic is real, and the Indians have a lot more of it than the colonists. This is the world of The Battle for Turtle Island: Buffalo Wars.
The colonists may have the better weapons, but the Indians nearly double the magic of the colonists. Maybe this time the history of the Americas will be very, very different. The Battle for Turtle Island: Buffalo Wars is actually two books in one. It has the core rules for The Battle for Turtle Island RPG, which will be a series of books featuring the different parts of the Americas, and it also has the Buffalo Wars supplement which looks at the battles for the plains.
You can choose to be a Cavalry Soldier, an Arapahoe Medicine Man, a Colonist Trapper, an Apache Warrior, or any number of other classes, and your character can choose to change classes as they advance. This book contains, the character classes, the special abilities for each Indian tribe, the goods, the spells, and much more.
The only other thing you’ll need to play is some dice and a vivid imagination.

Now available for just $2.24 at

Deal of the Weekend for Sep. 3rd-5th


This weekend, we’re featuring Quantum Women by Tyree Campbell.

A quantum is a self-contained unit—of energy, light, and so forth. It exists in and of itself, irrespective of its surroundings. But it can be, and usually is, part of a team.
A quantum woman, then, is a self-contained person, independent, yet willing to be part of a team if the right teammate comes along.
Quantum women aren’t superheroines with superpowers, they’re not “chicks in chain mail,” although they might be, as Pamela Sargent wrote, “Women of Wonder.” For the most part, quantum women are everyday folks in a science fiction or fantasy setting. They might be home-makers or home-wreckers, homely or homey, but all of them are focused, determined, willful, and independent. To those who have men in their lives, they are partners and companions, equals and not subordinates.
And yet, like any of us, they can find themselves in extraordinary situations where a bit of heroism can save the day. You’ll encounter them on these pages.

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Looking for paperbacks


We’ve mentioned that we’ve lowered the prices on many of our paperbacks at Amazon. Wanting to order? Here are links to all of them:

3 of a Perfekt Pear by Daniel C. Smith:

The Best of Both Worlds edited by Tyree Campbell and J Alan Erwine:

The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon by Tyree Campbell:

Crisis Averted by Laura Givens:

Disharmony of the Spheres edited by J Alan Erwine:

The Divided States of America Vol. 1 edited by J Alan Erwine:

Ecotastrophe II edited by J Alan Erwine:

Federation and Empire by Eamonn Murphy:

Future Syndicate edited by J Alan Erwine:

Future Syndicate II edited by J Alan Erwine:

Manic Musings of a Maniacal Mind by J Alan Erwine:

The Moth and the Flame by Tyree Campbell:

Nano-Bytes by Daniel C. Smith:

The Poet by James Baker:

Quantum Women by Tyree Campbell:

Seedlings on the Solar Winds by J Alan Erwine:

Taurin Tales edited by J Alan Erwine:

The Thursday Child by Tyree Campbell:

The Union Man and Other Stories by Eamonn Murphy:

Featured book of the Weekend for Aug. 27th-29th


This weekend, let’s do an anthology…Taurin Tales.

Taurin Tales is a shared world anthology featuring some of the top names in small press science fiction. The Taurins were created by science fiction writer, editor, and game designer J Alan Erwine. Once he had created them, he invited some of his favorite writers to play in the universe, and further flesh out these new aliens. Thus was born Taurin Tales.
The stories in this collection cover a large aspect of Taurin life…grand space adventures, small character studies, the tackling of difficult social issues, the past and the future of the Taurins.
Included in this collection, you’ll find David Lee Summers, D. Moonfire, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Tyree Campbell, Anna Paradox, Laura Givens, and Rick Novy.

And it’s available for just $2.99 at Smashwords…

Reviews of Ephemeris


If you’re looking for something new and interesting in Sci-FI RPG, then Ephemeris is well worth picking up.


A hard part about running a SF roll playing game is developing a good balance of character types and skills. I found this book useful as it had a well-tested background.


At 332 pages, 297 are the content. When trying to get a review or rwo for Ephemeris; I found this one:– kdzQ I do agree with most of what he says (Tetsubo57). Editing: font size ok. Perhaps saved 20-30 pages by condensing some of the example classes shown (possible.)

Combat rounds are 10 seconds long. Weapons have a damage factor, which is multiplied by the difference between the attack and defence rolls.

The Arbonix to me do seem somewhat wierd, with 2 rows of ‘nipples’ on their chest to ‘float’.

The system shouldn’t be too hard to ‘home rule’ by GMs, if they wish to make changes for their campaign or scenario(s) they are running.

If you prefer using D6 instead of D20 for OGl; Ephemeris should do pretty much ok.

At £4.00/$4.99, it’s serviceable.

Order today from Smashwords for just $3.74 at

Even more lower prices


We’ve lowered the prices on more of our paperbacks that are available from Amazon. So look for lower prices on all of the following:

3 of a Perfekt Pear by Daniel Smith

The Best of Both Worlds edited by J Alan Erwine & Tyree Campbell

The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon by Tyree Campbell

Crisis Averted by Laura Givens

Federation and Empire by Eamonn Murphy

The Moth and the Flame by Tyree Campbell

Nano-Bytes by Daniel Smith

Quantum Women by Tyree Campbell

The Thursday Child by Tyree Campbell

The Union Man by Eamonn Murphy

Featured book of the week for August 20th-22nd


As work progresses on our third RPG, let’s go back to our very first RPG, and still our most successful title, Ephemeris.

The year is 2185. The human race has gone to the stars, and found that they’re not alone. Local space is teeming with civilizations, some hostile, some friendly, and some indifferent. This is the universe of Ephemeris.

Ephemeris is a game of galactic trade and galactic conquest; of inter-species conflict and cooperation. Ephemeris is a science fiction role playing game. Here you will be able to take on the role of your favorite alien species and your favorite class. You will be able to trade, fight, negotiate, conquer, whatever you’d like to do with your fellow players. You can play the role of an Althani Trader, or maybe an Arbonix Cyber Wizard, or maybe even a Human Nanist. You can create a party made up entirely of one species and set out to upset the trade routes of a rival species. Or maybe you want to create a party with a variety of species that preys upon the trading routes of the various civilizations. Or maybe you want to explore the ancient ruins on long dead planets, ruins that clearly show that there were other species roaming the spaceways in the past…but where are they now? You can fight in great wars, negotiate grand peace treaties, and explore sections of the galaxy that no sentient has ever explored. Or maybe your party has joined with one of the interplanetary corporations; corporations whose motives are never entirely clear. These are just some of the possibilities open to you.
The universe of Ephemeris is yours to do with as you please. What you now hold in your hands are the basic guidelines for the games. Here you’ll find the races, classes, abilities, skills, weapons, and ships that allow you to create your own Ephemeris universe.

Now, step inside for the greatest science fiction adventure you’ve ever been on…

Now available at Smashwords for 25% off ($3.74) at