Download The Fifth Di… early!


The June 2018 issue of The Fifth Di… won’t be out for another week, but we have it available for download in our store right now! And not only can you download it early, you can also get it for just $1.50. Some people have had problems with downloads from our store, so if you don’t get your copy, don’t worry, we’re e-mailing them out to people who order them…just in case you don’t get yours.

The June issue of The Fifth Di… brings you six stories that will excite and entice you.

An artist that is nearing the end of his life, and must face the choices he has made; a man who has to make a decision between what is right and wrong, and must face the consequences of that choice; a man undergoes an experiment to have his consciousness transported into a cat in the past, and this too has unexpected consequences; a woman becomes pregnant to help the world government in a way she could never expect; Maksim Gorky visits a concentration camp, and the actions of the inmates, as well as his own actions could have massive ramifications on the future; and a prisoner who has undergone mind alteration returns to Earth, but can he ever escape his past?

TFD June 2018 NDP


PDF Book of the Week for May 21st


For one week only, get Disharmony of the Spheres for half price at DriveThruFiction…

Mental illness is very common in our society, but it’s also very misunderstood. Many view those with mental illnesses as being weak, but there is a great deal of strength in those that must battle their own minds on a regular basis.

Disharmony of the Spheres focuses on characters with mental illnesses that are still able to be successful. They may not completely overcome their illnesses, but they are able to beat them back and succeed.

In this volume, you will find the fiction of Ian Brazee Cannon, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, MH Bonham, David Lee Summers, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Kate Runnels, Michael Morgan, L.J. Bonham, Carol Hightshoe, Francis W. Alexander, and Terrie Leigh Relf.

This book is dedicated to all of the science fiction fans and writers that must battle their own personal demons every day, and half of all of the profits from this book will go to The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Organization, a group that battles teen suicide.

Disharmony NDP

PDF Book of the Week for May 14th


For one week only, get 3 of a Perfekt Pear by Daniel C. Smith for half price at DriveThruFiction…

3 of a Perfekt Pear brings you three stories from the mind of Daniel Smith. Take two trips into space and a trip into the mind. These stories will have you questioning what reality is, and also what our future holds for us. In the end, you’ll be asking yourself, should we embrace the future, or run from it. No matter what, you’ll know that the future will be 3 of a Perfekt Pear…

3 of a Perfekt Pear NDP

Behind the Scars


A new story in The Divided States of America series:

Marco had been a kid on the streets of the Confederate States of America with nothing to look forward to until he met Emrey. Now as an adult, he has everything to look forward to, but will he ever get a chance to make his dreams come true?

PDF Book of the Week for May 7th


For one week only, get The Moth and the Flame by Tyree Campbell for half price at DriveThru Fiction…

Yoelin’s periphery is under attack, and she has to close down her chosen purpose in life—performing Rescues, of children, people, and things.  Her investigation takes her into the sordid world of betrayal.  Too many people want her dead—including her former boss in Corporatia Security; a crime boss who wants to force her favors in exchange for an old debt; and the head of one of the most powerful corporations in Corporatia.   Her only allies are a former lover with his own agenda; a concourse deli operator; and a woman who has sworn to kill her, whatever the cost.

As Yoelin strives to rescue herself, she stumbles upon a dark family secret:  she may not be who she thought she was.  But can she ever discover who she really is?

PDF Book of the week for April 30th


For one week only, get The Union Man and Other Stories by Eamonn Murphy for half price at DriveThruFiction…

The Union Man and other stories brings you three stories from Eamonn Murphy.

An interrogator (torturer) for MI5 is accused of a murder, a murder he couldn’t have committed, but where his investigation takes him will not only change his life, but it will forever change the world.

Happy is a drug that has been legalized in England, but no one can expect the consequences of what that legalization will mean, except for one man, and no one want to listen to him, because everyone wants to be Happy.

Finally, a brief story that is a twist on the princess and the frog tale.


Mundanities: A Digest of Mundane Science Fiction



A Digest of Mundane Science Fiction

Welcome to a new science fiction zine being published by Nomadic Delirium Press. This zine will be published twice a year, as both a print and e-zine, on February 1st and August 1st, with the first issue appearing February 1st, 2019.

So, what is mundane SF? It doesn’t mean boring, as some might think. Why would we want to publish magazine of boring fiction?

Mundane SF is defined as fiction focusing on stories set on or near the Earth, with a believable use of technology and science as it exists at the time the story is written. No aliens, time travel, interstellar travel, wormholes, warp drive, ftl, or anything like that.

Sound boring? Not really. Think of all of the science fiction that can and has been written about the Earth and the planets.


Our current response time is two months. If you change your e-mail address, please let me know. There are always a few submissions that never get responses because the contributor changes their address.


Fiction must be science fiction, and it MUST follow the basic guidelines. I’m looking for stories up to 10,000 words. Reprints will be considered, although preference will be given to first rights stories. I also won’t consider simultaneous submissions. Flash fiction is not likely to be successful with me unless it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m not a big flash fan, so please keep that in mind when submitting.


Original stories up to 1,500 words will receive $5.

Original stories between 1,501 and 5,000 words will receive $10.

Original stories longer than 5,000 words will receive $15.

Reprints, no matter the length, will receive $5


At this time, we are not reading poetry. If the magazine does well, then we will start taking a couple of poems per issue.


We are not currently seeking artwork.


All submissions must be sent as attachments in rtf or Word. I will read submissions that are sent pasted into messages, but I’d prefer attachments. Every submission must contain the word “Submission” in its subject line, or it will be flushed with all of the spam. I hate to start getting anal, but given the amount of Spam I have to sift through, it just makes my job easier, and a happy editor is always a good thing. Also, all submissions must follow standard ms guidelines…if you don’t know what that means, please find out. Your name, byline, and address MUST appear on the submission. All submissions MUST have page numbers. If you want something italicized, please italicize it in the submission. Also, please include a bio with your submission written in the third person.


Don’t send work that is based in other people’s universes. All works must be original with no threat of copyright infringement. All submissions should be sent to mundanitieszine at yahoo dot com.