Rocco’s Weapon Shop


Rocco was a man of the streets before the war, selling whatever people needed. Now he’s gathered together the best weapons he can find and opened his own shop. He’ll sell to anyone, but make sure you don’t shoplift…Rocco is packing.

Rocco’s Weapon Shop features new weapons that can be added to your Rocks on the Other Side game. All kinds of guns, and assorted other weapons. Add a little variety to your game, and arm your characters for all of the perils of the post-apocalyptic world they now find themselves in.

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The Spirit of Mars, and Other Stories


Eamonn Murphy is back with another collection of short stories that will enthrall you, take you to other worlds, leave you thinking, and maybe even tickle your funny bone.

Another collection of short stories that were first published in Nomadic Delirium Press magazines, you are sure to find a story or eight in this collection that you will enjoy.

Print version coming soon!

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Read an e-book week at Smashwords


Every year, Smashwords runs a read an e-book week special, and this year is no different. And here at Nomadic Delirium Press, we’ve never been ones to pass up a chance to offer our readers a deal, so for the next week you can download most of our titles for up to 50% off. Simply go to and you can start downloading and reading immediately. No coupon codes are necessary.

It’s time to play some Ephemeris!


Looking for a new RPG to play? Have you tried Ephemeris yet? No???

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The year is 2185. The human race has gone to the stars, and found that they’re not alone. Local space is teeming with civilizations, some hostile, some friendly, and some indifferent. This is the universe of Ephemeris.

Ephemeris is a game of galactic trade and galactic conquest; of inter-species conflict and cooperation. Ephemeris is a science fiction role playing game. Here you will be able to take on the role of your favorite alien species and your favorite class. You will be able to trade, fight, negotiate, conquer, whatever you’d like to do with your fellow players. You can play the role of an Althani Trader, or maybe an Arbonix Cyber Wizard, or maybe even a Human Nanist. You can create a party made up entirely of one species and set out to upset the trade routes of a rival species. Or maybe you want to create a party with a variety of species that preys upon the trading routes of the various civilizations. Or maybe you want to explore the ancient ruins on long dead planets, ruins that clearly show that there were other species roaming the spaceways in the past…but where are they now? You can fight in great wars, negotiate grand peace treaties, and explore sections of the galaxy that no sentient has ever explored. Or maybe your party has joined with one of the interplanetary corporations; corporations whose motives are never entirely clear. These are just some of the possibilities open to you.
The universe of Ephemeris is yours to do with as you please. What you now hold in your hands are the basic guidelines for the games. Here you’ll find the races, classes, abilities, skills, weapons, and ships that allow you to create your own Ephemeris universe.

Now, step inside for the greatest science fiction adventure you’ve ever been on…

When did you last visit The Divided States of America?


Has it been a while since you’ve visited The Divided States of America? Or maybe you’ve never visited…

Imagine an America that has been divided by political turmoil and civil war…not really hard to imagine anymore. Check out the stories in this series of stories. Many are disturbing, some are optimistic, but all of them will have you thinking that we should be able to create a better future for ourselves…




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