Federation and Empire

Federation and Empire is a series of short stories that chart the future history of mankind following the gift of the FTL drive from an alien species. The cast is varied: a freelance space pilot and his maverick crew, telepathic twins and their sentient cat, a wise president, a genetically enhanced policewoman, and a criminal of the same breed. They’re all involved in the diaspora of humanity to the stars. Here are tales of colonisation and crime, of slavery and revolution. Good old-fashioned science fiction!


Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Sectors Forty – Forty-Four

Sectors Forty – Forty-Four in “Deep Space” might be sparsely populated, but given the conflict that seems to erupt wherever the “Deep Space” species cross paths, this is a group of sectors that are ready to boil over in turmoil.
A supplement for the Ephemeris Science Fiction RPG.

Mars Station Beta


Since we aren’t receiving any submissions for Mars Station Beta, we’ve decided to drop the project. The two stories that we did publish will continue to be available for the next month or so.

Thanks to everyone who did support the project.


Delirious Doubles submissions


As our last post stated, we are going to be closing Delirious Doubles, but there were a few stories that we’d accepted, that we’d still like to use. Unfortunately, Yahoo deleted the inbox, so we have no record of what was accepted. If we accepted your story, please send the story, along with the acceptance e-mail to editor (at) nomadicdeliriumpress (dot) com.


Future Syndicate II is here

Many would like to think that as our species evolves, crime will disappear, but most know this is not true. Crime has always been with us, and it always will. Future Syndicate II features stories told from the point of view of the criminals, sometimes bad people, sometimes people forced to make bad decisions, but always, in the eyes of society, criminals.

Future Syndicate II update


Future Syndicate II will still be published, but we are not going to make our November release date. I’ve had to take a temporary promotion at my “real” job, and as a result, I’m working 50+ hours a week. This, in addition to some other things, have made it impossible for me to work on the book. I will get contracts out to authors as soon as I can, and I will get the book published as soon as I can.

I appreciate everyone’s patience.

A Poet Explores the Stars

Poets view the world differently than others, and as we explore this amazing cosmos, it will be very important to take poets on the journey, so they can show us the things we might otherwise overlook.
Here’s just a small taste of what they might have to show us as we venture to the stars.

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A Poet Explores the Stars update


Due to a couple of missing contracts, we’re going to have to push the release date back to Oct. 3rd. If those contracts aren’t returned by the middle of September, those contributors will have to be dropped.

Sorry for the delay…