Spaceports & Spidersilk January 2016


The new year is almost upon us, and that means it’s time for a new issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk…

Spaceports & Spidersilk features some of the best science fiction and fantasy fiction and poetry for kids of all ages. The January 2016 issue will take you to places you might never have imagined. It will appeal to your inner child, and hopefully take you back to the places you loved as a child…and if you’re still a child, it will open your imagination to all kinds of new worlds.


Don’t forget Quantum Women


If you haven’t read Quantum Women by Tyree Campbell, then you’re missing out on a great science fiction collection.

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A quantum is a self-contained unit—of energy, light, and so forth. It exists in and of itself, irrespective of its surroundings. But it can be, and usually is, part of a team.

A quantum woman, then, is a self-contained person, independent, yet willing to be part of a team if the right teammate comes along.

Quantum women aren’t superheroines with superpowers, they’re not “chicks in chain mail,” although they might be, as Pamela Sargent wrote, “Women of Wonder.” For the most part, quantum women are everyday folks in a science fiction or fantasy setting. They might be home-makers or home-wreckers, homely or homey, but all of them are focused, determined, willful, and independent. To those who have men in their lives, they are partners and companions, equals and not subordinates.

And yet, like any of us, they can find themselves in extraordinary situations where a bit of heroism can save the day. You’ll encounter them on these pages.


Great deals


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Get the January 2016 issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk early


It may still be more than a week until the actual release of the January issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk, but you can download a PDF version of the new issue from our website right now…and instead of paying the usual $1, you can get it for just 75 cents until the end of the month, so order now…


Coming this Spring!


This Spring we will be releasing a new novel by Tyree Campbell, titled The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon A Yoelin Thibbony Rescue.

To quote the author: Yoelin had a dark childhood [sold by her parents to pay off gambling debts], and there was no one to rescue her. So she turned her life around by performing Rescues–sometimes for pay, sometimes for free–of people, or artifacts, or even a cheap pendant improperly gained in a divorce settlement. In B&SD, however, she also has to rescue herself, because her task takes her back to the world where she spent her childhood–and she still has psycho-emotional scars from those years. Her ship’s PC is balky and contrary on occasion. Ex: Yoelin: “You ever get drunk, Abby?” Abnoba [PC]: “No, but I once snuck a few volts from a nearby battery.”

And for those of you that are eagerly awaiting the release of Laura Givens’ Crisis Averted, we are waiting for a very special introduction, and then we will have a definite release date.