PDF Book of the Week for Oct. 29th


For one week only, get The Opium of the People by J Alan Erwine for 50% off from DriveThruFiction at https://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/65438

After a near-miss of a giant comet, the American people fall under the control of a radical right-wing fundamentalist Christian government, ruled by the Grand Patriarchs, that slowly strips away their freedoms and establishes a rule of law that even the dictatorships of the 20th Century couldn’t have dreamed up.

Forced into virtual seclusion, Edward Silverberg, a former English Lit professor, finds himself on a path that will lead to either his destruction, or the destruction of the Grand Patriarchs…or maybe both.


Environmental Holocaust is coming!


The debut issue of Environmental Holocaust will be here in a few days, but you can download your copy today, and you can save $1 off the cover price by ordering at https://nomadicdeliriumpress.com/blog/product/environmental-holocaust-november-2018/

The debut issue of Environmental Holocaust brings you four stories about possible bleak futures that could be possible if we don’t start to protect the planet better. Killer viruses, dying soil, even more persecution, and dying oceans are just some of the things waiting to scare you in this issue. Grab a copy, and think about making a difference.

PDF Book of the Week for Oct. 22nd


For one week only, get Delirious Doubles Presents The Impossible Child and The Games Go On from DriveThruFiction for 50% off at https://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/250554

Delirious Doubles presents two stories from different authors. This edition gives you The Impossible Child by Tyree Campbell…a woman from another world has come to Earth to study the fallen society of the planet. Early in her mission she is raped by a gang of marauders and becomes pregnant with a daughter. Now that it’s almost time to return to her own world, she must decide what to do with her young daughter…take her with her or leave her behind on the hostile planet…or does she even have a choice.

You also get The Games Go On by Mike Morgan…a woman is born as an adult into a world where her family has sold her into indentured servitude as a gladiator, a gladiator that is meant to fight for the masses, but when there are no battles, she begins to wonder what’s really going, and once she learns the truth, she’ll be forced to decide what to do with the information.

PDF Book of the Week for October 15th


For one week only, get The Poet by James B. Baker for 50% off from DriveThruFiction at https://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/65439

Max checked out of reality years ago. When he comes back, he finds himself to be a bum dressed like a priest. He also finds himself to be the only potent man in an otherwise impotent America.

Max eventually reaches the west coast where he finds himself the host of an hour long TV show watched by billions. His adoring fans begin to call him The Poet, and they see him as the savior of the world.

Joined by triplet lovers, Max sets out to change the world; a world that is more than a little resistant to his efforts. Smothered by his adoring fans, and dogged by men intent on killing him, Max’s multiple personalities fight their own battle in his mind, and no one is sure who will win.

PDF Book of the Week for October 8th


For one week only, get Earth Camp by Alicia Cole for 50% off at DriveThruFiction: https://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/248187/Earth-Camp

San was hoping to get into flight academy, but without money, there was no way that was going to happen. Instead, he would have to go to Earth Camp, a trip to the nearly dead Earth. Was this really all he had?

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The Divided States of America Vol. 1


No one can say with any reasonable certainty when the United States of America began to fall apart. Many point to the presidential election of 2016, but most believe the breakup started long before this. Now, in the year 2110, the former United States is made up of 13 nation-states and The Wastelands. Some of the nation-states have prospered under self-rule, while others have declined. Some nation-states are very accepting of outsiders, while others trust no one…sometimes not even their fellow citizens. There is chaos in some places, and order in others…sometimes too much order.

PDF Book of the Week for October 1st


For one week only, get Seedlings on the Solar Winds for 50% off (that’s $1) at DriveThruFiction: https://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/65440

America as a fascist state, soldiers driven to terrorism, insane computers, insane humans, insane aliens, these are just some of the things waiting for readers in the pages of this new collection from prize-winning science fiction author J Alan Erwine.

Seedlings on the Solar Winds contains sixteen stories that will have readers questioning what reality really is, and wondering what the future of humanity might be.


“J Alan Erwine is a master at placing believable characters into plausible, and often dark, futures.  In the process, he unflinchingly explores what is both base and noble about humanity.” – David Lee Summers, editor of Tales of the Talisman and author of Heirs of the New Earth

“…Erwine always presents a banquet of plots and characters [not all of them human], generously seasoned with pith.  You can relish him as the main course in your reading, or save him for dessert…” – Tyree Campbell, author of Nyx and The Dog at the Foot of the Bed