Order the June 2016 issue of The Fifth Di… early


It’s still more than a week until the release of the new issue of The Fifth Di…, but you can order your copy now.  Order the e-book, and it’s only $1.49 (normally ($1.99), and you can read it immediately.  If you order the print version, your copy will be shipped once the book is released.

Order today at http://nomadicdeliriumpress.com/blog/product/the-fifth-di-june-2016/

Or you can read a sample of the zine at http://nomadicdeliriumpress.com/tfdsample.htm

What’s in this issue?

The June issue brings you fiction from Tim McDaniel, Chris Dean, Rik Hunik, Robert N. Stephenson, and Fredrick Obermeyer.
This issue brings you a satirical look at the future of American elections, but just how satirical is it, given modern elections? You also get a man who has never wanted a robot, but now finds himself owning one, with unexpected consequences, a magician searching for a lost item, the return of a warfleet to Earth, but not the Earth they’re expecting, and a man who is contacted by his future son, but he has no way of knowing what this contact will lead to…

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